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Friday, 27 January 2012

Police urged to beef up security in Wangwachi following cattle theft

 By Susan Ndung’u

Over 100 residents of Karungubii area in Wangwachi location have petitioned the government to beef up security following a spate of robberies in the remote village of Sipili division in Laikipia west district.

The residents say they have been attacked twice in less than two weeks by thugs who stole three cows from two homesteads.

In the first incident, they told Laikipia Rural Voices, that the robbers raided the home of Peter Gicharu at night and stole his cow.

“Mr. Gichuru and his family was shocked to find one of his cows missing one morning and wondered how the thugs sneaked into their compound unnoticed,” said a villager from Wangwachi.

They said even after reporting the matter to police at Sipili post, no action was taken. A few days latter the robbers struck again stealing two cows in the same village.

Joyce Muringi, the owner of the cattle also reported the case to the police but still no action was taken.

“My question is, where shall we get help from? And for how long shall we live in a state of fear? Does it mean that farmers from Wangwachi will not rear keep livestock?” posed an angry resident.

The residents are now calling upon police and the provincial administration to ensure proper security measures to protect them from the robbers.

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