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Monday, 30 September 2013

Lariak Day celebrate the price of success

By Robert Eyapan

Lariak day secondary school held a price giving day ceremony on September 26, 2013.The ceremony was graced by various stakeholders in the education sector who included Minister of Education county level, District Education Officer (D.E.O), Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) and the Member of County Assembly, Olmoran Ward.
Entertainment was provided by students from the school. The scouts matched as they welcomed the guests to the podium. Pupils from the neighboring Lariak primary school also entertained the congregation.
Some of the students waiting for their gifts
The students were awarded gifts on various fields as follows; those who scored highest grades, those with highest marks on various subjects, those who are most organized in terms of class work, and other activities. Teachers and non-teaching staff were also given prizes.
Mr.Nderitu who is the school principal took to the podium and addressed thecongregation by giving a brief history of the school. He said that the school started by admitting students from poor background who were not able to join boarding schools. The principal also said that the school started with only one structure and they had only fourty (40) students.
 “Since then our school virtually has every structure needed in a learning institution.This has been made possible through support from parents and teachers. The school has progressed and is currently participating in various activities like science congress, music festivals and athletics.’’ said Mr. Nderitu
The principal further urged the government through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to increase allocation for bursary in order to have a smooth learning, to assist in building an additional laboratory and also to assist in repairing the poor condition of the playing grounds.
Area Education Officer (AEO), Mr.Peter Keru asked parents to report to his office,teachers who are not performing their duties well so that he can take immediate action.
“If you do not report those teachers you are the ones who will suffer in the long run.” Petersaid. He also thanked the parents for their profound effort of supporting the school community in meeting their goals.
The County Minister of Education, Mr. Akale talked about the importance of good conduct by studentswhile learning. He said that if the students do not take their learning seriously it will affect their performance.”You students it is important that you work hard in order to have a bright future.” said Akale.
The congregation was later closed by a word of prayer from pastor Minjire.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Adopted son assaults foster mother

By Lorine Nganyi

Parents do suffer in silence but once their tragedy is revealed then it is automatically not a secret.Sipili shopping center in Laikipia county was on Saturday evening treated to a dramatic scene as a woman was seriously beaten by her adopted son. The adopted son claimed that the mother is always harsh and does not respect his feelings.

The son used a plank of firewood to beat up his mother. Screams and pleading from the mother could not deter the boy from continuing with the assault. Her clothes were torn during the incident, her knee was twisted and she was also nose bleeding. Her wailing attracted people’s attention who came to her rescue.

The mother had opted to adopt the boy due to the fact that she is barren. She told curious onlookers that she was just trying to lead him to the right track as it is always the wish of every mother.

 “Last week he was accused of stealing five cocks and I had to pay for the stolen chicken in order to settle the matter.” She said

 The boy who is currently in form two in a local day secondary school insinuated that the property of the mother comes from “Illuminati”. The boy ran away from home after the incident.

“The scenario was so shocking; indeed the boy is so heartless, after all the mother has struggled with him through thick and thin. This is the outcome of adopting a kid’ said one of the neighbours.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Residents cry foul over man carrying crude weapons

By Bett Kipsang’

A man with questionable appearance was Friday morning intercepted by police officers in Sipili trading center. Residents were startled at the sight of a middle aged man, in tatters and carrying what many feared were crude weapons. 

Three armed police officers, ostensibly were coming back from a security operation when they spotted the suspicious looking man. He was dressed in dirty tatters and was carrying a machete (panga) and a piece of wood with sharp pointed hooks. Surprisingly the man had smeared what looked like grease on the machete and hooked stick.
 The man's coat was zipped up with stuff stacked inside making the abdomen bulge out. The officers suspected the character and ordered him to remove everything he had stacked under his tattered cloths.  

The officers watched as the man churned out paraphernalia, ranging from empty bottles, polythene bags, tobacco and snuff. He was later ordered to burn all his stuff in a nearby rubbish pit.  
 Confirming the concerns of residents, the officer in charge of Sipili police post, Mr. Kennedy Moenga, told LRV that he had received distressed calls from community members over the behaviour of that man.

LRV has also established that the man had earlier been jailed on several incidences.  A neighbor, who sought anonymity, confided in the LRV that ‘‘At one time, the man was arrested, judged and jailed for about five years for assaulting his own mother’’.

 He has also been arrested for stealing and slaughtering three goats belonging to his neighbors. At one time when police went to arrest him, they discovered that he had planted some illegal weed (cannabis sativa) around his Dincom village house, alongside flowers. Neighbours reported that the guy smokes ‘‘weed’’ openly, without a flinch.
‘‘Police are closely keeping watch to monitor his reform process’’ said Mr. Moenga.

ICT trainee set for a higher calling

By Bob Aston

William Gibore is currently a GSU Constable based in Olmotonyi in Laikipia County. After completing ICT training his name was among those seconded by the Kenyan government to the department of Peacekeeping Operations’ Police Division. As of August 31, 2013 Kenya had contributed 57 police officers, 27 UN Military Experts on mission and 794 troops to the department. The total number of Kenyan’s at the United Nations Peace Keeping Operations currently stands at 878.

William was then called for an interview where the key area which was tested was ICT skills. He emerged among the best and is now preparing for his second Interview. He currently frequents the Maarifa Centre to access his E-mail and go through various manuals and notes sent by UN Peace Keeping Missions. 

William is scheduled to attend the second interview in two weeks time. If he will be successful during the second interview he will join other UN Peace keepers who according to United Nations Peacekeeping Mission website are tasked with helping countries torn by conflict, create the conditions for lasting peace. In addition to maintaining peace and security, peacekeepers are also charged with assisting in political processes; reforming judicial systems; training law enforcement and police forces; disarming and reintegrating former combatants; supporting the return of internally displaced persons and refugees.

William Gibore after attending an interview
“I thank ALIN for the free ICT Training. During the practical computer test I realized that I was better than those who had attended computer training in established institutions. Some of the people who attended the interview were talking of how they attended big computer institutions but after the practical computer exam all of them were saying that it seemed that I was trained by the best. “said William.

According to United Nations Peacekeeping Mission website Police officers working in United Nations missions enhance their professionalism through exposure to standards of excellence in international policing and specialized training. Many senior members of the international policing community consider it beneficial that officers have had an international posting. It is also an opportunity for police officers to help populations in need following a crisis or war. Police-contributing countries see clear benefits for their local communities when their police officers return from UN missions. Many police officers serve in more than one United Nations mission throughout their careers.

“I hope I will do well in the final interview. This is an opportunity that I will not just let go. Working in the United Nations Peace Missions has been my long time dream and finally that I can see it beckoning I have to grasp that chance.” said William.

United Nations Peacekeeping Mission website states that peace missions would give a police officer an opportunity to meet people from many different backgrounds and cultures and to learn from them. Police peacekeepers participate in different mission trainings and often work closely with police from the nation where the mission is located, advising, mentoring and assisting them in their duties. Police peacekeepers expand their thinking about how to approach police service and often bring useful knowledge back to their service when they return home. 

Laikipia Rural Voices wishes William Gibore all the best as he prepares for a new challenge ahead.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Safaricom foundation handover computers to Lariak primary

By Bob Aston 

Safaricom Foundation on September 10, 2013 was at Sipili to handover computers, accessories and furniture to Lariak Primary School in Laikipia County. The event which brought together various stakeholders in the education sector was graced by Safaricom Foundation committee member Kenneth Kiprop.
Kenneth from Safaricom Foundation addressing the gathering

The ceremony started with a prayer session which was led by Mrs. Kariuki. Area Chief Paul Nasky welcomed all the guests to Sipili.

The Foundation handed over equipment worth five hundred thousand shillings (Ksh 500,000).The items included 15 computers, 34 VIP seats, 34 power cables, projector, server and a printer.

Safaricom Foundation provides a formal process for charitable contributions to communities, community groups and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Kenya who are key partners in responding to social and economic development issues in the country.   

Speaking during the event, Charity Kamau from Lariak Primary school said: “Members of science department felt it was nice to have a computer laboratory. We started with a panel which incorporated teachers, parents and the local community. We then organized a fundraising and we managed to buy five computers.”

“We though a computer lab would help to improve quality of learning and also human resource development.” Charity added.

Lariak School administration highlighted the challenges that they had to face during the initial stages of the project. Lack of infrastructure was mentioned as a major challenge. The school had to overcome this challenge by converting one of the classes into a computer laboratory. Lack of ICT skills, internet connectivity and resistance to change by some parents is among the challenges the school currently faces.

Pupils using the computers

The school Headmaster, Mr. Peter Kariuki, thanked the Foundation for the kind gesture. He informed the guests that the computer lab has already had a significant impact in the community as parents, teachers, pupils and neighboring schools are currently using the computer lab.

“We sincerely thank Safaricom Foundation for this development. This project is not just for Lariak primary school but for the whole community. Neighbouring schools are already bringing their pupils to the school to attend computer classes.” said Peter.

Area Education Officer (AEO) talked of computers as a resource. Mr.Keru said that computer is the most important learning tool and that Lariak is the only primary school in Laikipia County with a computer laboratory.

“As long as you are literate you should have basic computer skills.” Said Mr. Keru.

Safaricom Foundation committee member Kenneth Kiprop told the gathering that they are returning to the community what they have invested in Safaricom. Kiprop said that the investment in computer was informed by the need to raise education standards in Sipili, as a prerequisite to development. 

Adams Kimani, who is a former student of the school and now works with the Foundation, informed the school that they have formed a facebook group and they are exploring various ways in which they can bring further development in Sipili.