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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The day dreamer

By Prisca Ngarachu   
Have you ever come across those day dreamer characters, or might you perhaps be one of them? As for my case I have, and unfortunately it happens to be one of my brothers.
Day dreaming is one of the characters I detest in my life. This is because you might have secretly done something wrong with such a person for example siphoning mummy’s sugar only to reveal the whole story in their dreams as they sleep, embarrassing you badly.

One day, we happened to steal Mom’s bananas, which she had kept in the family store waiting eagerly for them to ripen in order to share with other members. The culprits were my brother Tony, my cousin Ann and I. So after I successfully sneaked into the store and plucked a bunch of the bananas, Tony said Prisca should have two, Ann to get four since she was a visitor and because I had managed to take them from the store, I would enjoy five of them as a way of parting my back for the job well done. We all agreed and promised to keep a secret.

After retiring to bed that very night and before everyone was barely asleep, my brother went into his dreamland with the day’s happenings being top on his dream items. And so he narrated the whole story. He let out a yell in the course of his dream waking up my mom, who started to follow the drama. When she went to his bedside to inquire what he was saying, my brother repeated the story as it was without missing a word.
And although the whole drama was somehow entertaining, I crossed my fingers hoping he does not reveal the secret in his dream. But as mum inquired further, my brother answered her each and every question she asked him, disclosing the day’s secret. Unknown to him, he was putting both him and me in trouble for plucking and eating her bananas without her authority.
When mum had gathered enough evidence, she went back to sleep in her bed and waited for daybreak to pick up the case.

The next morning, mom went straight to the store where she had kept the bananas. When she confirmed that some bananas were missing, our home was turned to a battlefield with the culprits getting serious lashes on our bottoms. From that day I vowed never to have any secret with my brother or any other such dream-out-loud characters. But my big question remains, ''Just what is a dream?''

Just What is a dream?

 Have you ever come across these daydreamer characters? Or perhaps you might be one of them? I have a case and unfortunately it happened to be one of my brothers.
This is what I hate among other in my life. You might have done something wrong, for example sugar-eating with such character and all over sudden, when deeply asleep he reveals the secret out and you find yourself ‘sitting on fire’ on the spot.

 One day, we happened to steal mom’s bananas, which she kept in the store waiting eagerly for them to ripen, so that we could share among the family. The victims were; my brother Tony, my cousin Ann and I .So when we were in the process of sharing, Tony shouted,” Prince to take two,            Ann because she is a ‘green visitor’ four and because I have managed to take them from the store ill take five of them”, we all agreed, and also agreed to keep it as a secret.

 That very night, when we were darely a sleep, my brother started dreaming! The dream was about how he had spent the day. And so, there he started giving out the whole story. He made a loud scream, which woke up my mother, and she asked him what was the problem. Without stammering, he repeated the story again; giving my mother the whole day’s conversation and so he asked her some questions as my mother answered quickly, as she track him not understand she was talking to a person in deep sleep.

 The next morning, mother went straight to the store and found the bananas missing some suckers; she had no other opinion or questioning us apart from whipping our buttocks with heavy strokes. From that day I swore never to have such secret with such dreaming characters!!! But my big question remains, ''Just what is a dream?''

By Priscah Ngarachu

Thursday, 17 March 2011

What life could mean for a youth.

Many young people think that life is difficult. They also tell others about life being very difficult.
According to me, I don't know whether to call it a myth or a believe because this is not actually the reality. Many people however take this as solid truth and therefore expect a difficult life to them. In fact they think that it is obvious.

My opinion is that, life is how you take it as an individual. If you take it to be difficult, the more difficult it will be. And when you take it to be simple, the smoother it will get.
But the issue of life becoming so smooth doesn't come so automatically. For instance, you can't sit down and except life to be smooth. Also you can't sit down and expect to harvest yet you had not planted. You have to set yourself goal and work very hard to achieve.

In life also, don't forget about the future. As far as you are physically fit, you have to be busy always and NEVER entertain idleness. In this way you will be able. To cope with challenges because the latter will always be there despite in spite of whom you are.

To succeed in life doesn’t come automatically. If you find that life is becoming too hard for you, just think twice and have a second thought about it. Find ways in which you can improve your life. You might not be very educated but that cannot be a reason to settle for less and endure ‘‘hard life’’ You might try other means like practicing small Scale farming, kitchen gardening and also other small businesses. Non-skilled businessman is applicable to every one as far as no formulars or procedures are applied.

Strangers in the village

Last month our village was one of thirty lucky villages to be among many others in Laikipia West. We were lucky to be visited by some important visitors from an initiative known as UWEZO KENYA.

The main  role  of  the  initiative  was  to  carry  out  a  research  and  assess  children  aged  3-16  yrs.This  was  for  them  to  know  their   level  in  literacy  and  numeracy.They  initially wanted  to  know  whether  our  children  do  benefit  from  the  Free  Education  that  the  government  provides.

The  village  elder  called  for  an  urgent  meeting , so  that  the  visitors  would  contact  with  the  villagers  of  their  visit. The  turn  up  was  one  that  could  be  congratulated.  Looking  at  the  villagers, one  was  assured  that  they  were  eager  to get  a  word  from  these  great  people .

It was  only after  the  visitors  explained  the  purpose  of  their  visit  that  things  took  on  a  new  leaf. The village dwellers who  had just arrived a few minutes  ago  became  hostile  and  uncontrollable.  They complained that they thought these  ‘big’ people  had  come  to  bring  them  support  i.e  food  donations. Some, who were very  angry , stormed  out  of  the  meeting. It was  difficult  to  continue  with  the  meeting, so  it  was  ended.

Two volunteers were  needed  to  carry  out  the  task but  it  was  hard  for  them  to  get  the  two. It was noted that  not  so  many  people are  learned  in  the  village . This was  a great  shock  to  our  visitors, thanks  to  the  government  for  giving  our  children  a  chance  to  be  in  school . There is great hope for a better tomorrow   in our village.

The  ‘big’ question that they paused was; When  will our  people  know  the  value  of  education  and  take  it  positively ?Will our  people  stop  relying on food  donations and start doing something that would bring them great  help?
“For sure our people will have to learn’’
Compiled  by
Nancy  Maina

Our families’ birth order beef.

 I still remember those days wen the three of us in our family were young. Being the younger of de two siblings, I had this feelin of always being the last in line for everything.

As we grew up, dere was a camouflaged rivalry among us. In skool, Steve de first born was good at science while my middle bro and I were more inclined wid languages.
Dad made it worse by pushing us 2 perform lyk our elder bro. I felt as if I did not measured up in dad’s eyes.

 I personally felt demeaned bcoz science, which I was not gud at, was viewed as superior and consequently my brother was our parents’ darling.
The stage was set for a rivalry that refused 2 go away. This definitely affected our lives in many ways and shaped the banker my older brother is, the teacher my second born is and the journalist I am today.

Many years later, we secretly keep competing.  Have such a thing happened in your family? Plz share.
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Freedom to Choose

Life with Christ
It is a bit hard bcoz we have to go through the challenges as Christ did.
It is a joyous life for our power comes from Christ.
Also his word tells me that he can’t bring temptations beyond my power.
In Christ there is hope even after death.
Christ is the solution to all sorts of problems, no matter how big they might be.
We should continue to wait upon the savior.

Life without Christ
Life here is totally hard for there is both the physical & the spiritual death.
Life is a bit simple for it is full of shortcuts e.g. lies and stealing.
Here life is homeless. Also life is full of temptations without solutions.
The main solution here is only to accept Christ and make him to rule you and your life.

By Viola Wanjiku

The fate of non-mathematicians.

Mathematics is a subject equals to live! We use the subject in all our day-to-day activities, be it walking, sleeping, digging, driving…the list is endless! Seldom do an hour pass without me using it, and it goes beyond the daily calculations.

I have a moving story to share; ‘‘some years ago, I died! and went to heaven I met Angel Gabriel! He welcomed me to the waiting bay where other angels and people who died earlier sang and danced joyfully. It didn’t take long before my judgment was done, where I was sentenced to eternal life, singing, praising and… the Almighty God.

No sooner had I joined the other singers, than Angel Gabriel called me. He said, “Here are the keys for your cube where you will be living. ‘Use the key to locate the cube’’ He said. The keys had a label written, ‘‘log3 7 + log4 9’’, woe on to me, after endless walks up and down, trying to locate the cube, I found non, not even one closer to it.

I went back to Angel Gabriel and enquired from him but the answer I got was that, “the correct answer to the label is the number to your house.” I tried, tried, tried and tried until I could try no more, but it was a like a ‘‘Mount Everest’’ for me to climb!  I It was evident I cannot get it, I was told to; “Go back to the earth and learn mathematics so that next time you can locate your house with ease!”

This therefore makes me ‘mad’ in mathematics and so my friend make sure you are not sent back from heaven to the earth as it so happened to me!!’’ You must like mathematics.

By David Musembi.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Upcoming Community Reporters

 A pool of community journalists is in the making at the ng'arua Maarifa center. The center is located in Sipili location in Laikipia County of Kenya. A total of ten trainees, three men and seven ladies are participating in the training.
 The training which started in march 2011, is expected to continue for the next two months.
 The subject matter for the training is concentrated on the issues of online journalism, where the internet plays central role in dissemination of information. So far all the ten trainees have learned how to use social networks and web 2.0 tools like face-book, twitter, blog, picasa etc, for information access and dissemination.
 Social networking sites allows collaboration and participation of members. Thus making it an ideal forum for the community journalist to express their voices and bridge the digital divide between the urbanites and the rural dwellers.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Today's Journalism Training Experience

It has been a nice day, though we encountered some technical problems while trying to upload photos to the new blog. We created a blog and face book page. We took a drink and snacks.