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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Our families’ birth order beef.

 I still remember those days wen the three of us in our family were young. Being the younger of de two siblings, I had this feelin of always being the last in line for everything.

As we grew up, dere was a camouflaged rivalry among us. In skool, Steve de first born was good at science while my middle bro and I were more inclined wid languages.
Dad made it worse by pushing us 2 perform lyk our elder bro. I felt as if I did not measured up in dad’s eyes.

 I personally felt demeaned bcoz science, which I was not gud at, was viewed as superior and consequently my brother was our parents’ darling.
The stage was set for a rivalry that refused 2 go away. This definitely affected our lives in many ways and shaped the banker my older brother is, the teacher my second born is and the journalist I am today.

Many years later, we secretly keep competing.  Have such a thing happened in your family? Plz share.
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