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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Strangers in the village

Last month our village was one of thirty lucky villages to be among many others in Laikipia West. We were lucky to be visited by some important visitors from an initiative known as UWEZO KENYA.

The main  role  of  the  initiative  was  to  carry  out  a  research  and  assess  children  aged  3-16  yrs.This  was  for  them  to  know  their   level  in  literacy  and  numeracy.They  initially wanted  to  know  whether  our  children  do  benefit  from  the  Free  Education  that  the  government  provides.

The  village  elder  called  for  an  urgent  meeting , so  that  the  visitors  would  contact  with  the  villagers  of  their  visit. The  turn  up  was  one  that  could  be  congratulated.  Looking  at  the  villagers, one  was  assured  that  they  were  eager  to get  a  word  from  these  great  people .

It was  only after  the  visitors  explained  the  purpose  of  their  visit  that  things  took  on  a  new  leaf. The village dwellers who  had just arrived a few minutes  ago  became  hostile  and  uncontrollable.  They complained that they thought these  ‘big’ people  had  come  to  bring  them  support  i.e  food  donations. Some, who were very  angry , stormed  out  of  the  meeting. It was  difficult  to  continue  with  the  meeting, so  it  was  ended.

Two volunteers were  needed  to  carry  out  the  task but  it  was  hard  for  them  to  get  the  two. It was noted that  not  so  many  people are  learned  in  the  village . This was  a great  shock  to  our  visitors, thanks  to  the  government  for  giving  our  children  a  chance  to  be  in  school . There is great hope for a better tomorrow   in our village.

The  ‘big’ question that they paused was; When  will our  people  know  the  value  of  education  and  take  it  positively ?Will our  people  stop  relying on food  donations and start doing something that would bring them great  help?
“For sure our people will have to learn’’
Compiled  by
Nancy  Maina
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