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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Just What is a dream?

 Have you ever come across these daydreamer characters? Or perhaps you might be one of them? I have a case and unfortunately it happened to be one of my brothers.
This is what I hate among other in my life. You might have done something wrong, for example sugar-eating with such character and all over sudden, when deeply asleep he reveals the secret out and you find yourself ‘sitting on fire’ on the spot.

 One day, we happened to steal mom’s bananas, which she kept in the store waiting eagerly for them to ripen, so that we could share among the family. The victims were; my brother Tony, my cousin Ann and I .So when we were in the process of sharing, Tony shouted,” Prince to take two,            Ann because she is a ‘green visitor’ four and because I have managed to take them from the store ill take five of them”, we all agreed, and also agreed to keep it as a secret.

 That very night, when we were darely a sleep, my brother started dreaming! The dream was about how he had spent the day. And so, there he started giving out the whole story. He made a loud scream, which woke up my mother, and she asked him what was the problem. Without stammering, he repeated the story again; giving my mother the whole day’s conversation and so he asked her some questions as my mother answered quickly, as she track him not understand she was talking to a person in deep sleep.

 The next morning, mother went straight to the store and found the bananas missing some suckers; she had no other opinion or questioning us apart from whipping our buttocks with heavy strokes. From that day I swore never to have such secret with such dreaming characters!!! But my big question remains, ''Just what is a dream?''

By Priscah Ngarachu
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