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Monday, 10 December 2012

Strength of a rural woman

By Marianne Wangare
What do you think of the term official wife? Many times rural woman is not recognized in the society. Most of them are taken for granted without keen observance of the critical role they play in the society. Their contribution to development of society have often passed unnoticed.Several cases have identified them with mistreatment, trauma and depression as their associative characteristics. Pre-historic times have defined a woman as an inferior vessel at the disposal of man.

Photo of rural woman tendering farm
Men have been presumed as the kings of the family. However, the 21st century women are also heading their homes. This is very particular in rural homesteads where they are left with the burden of shouldering family responsibilities. Single women who have kids to take care of have also shown the world that they are equal to the task through their unwavering dedication to raise a healthy family. Incidences of men battering their wives as the children watch have only served as a point of giving children a bad picture of a united family. These women are affected and some of them leave their families to escape the wrath of the husband. More so the children are affected in their social relations when they grow up and even affect their education life. In the recent months battering of women had decreased and a trend of men being battered by their wives has been recorded. This led to the degradation of men’s right of ruling the house in the society.

In the olden days women were not allowed to do men’s tasks. It was forbidden, as they were supposed to do the house chores and take care of the family. During this revolutionized era women have become more independent. This is because they have been able to provide for their families and take care of large properties. Most men are so pessimistic about the independent woman because they know very few of them get married. It has been quite a challenge to them. The new generation women are reluctant to accept some of the things that were observed during the time of the forefathers. They believe a man should also be of equal help in the house despite his gender.

Women have been able to acquire more knowledge; hence most of them own successful businesses and large companies. They are also turning out to be great leaders in the society. Some have been appointed as women representatives in senior positions of government. This has helped them to represent their fellow women in the government. It has also enabled funding of projects started by women groups in the society.

The unemployed woman involves herself with self employment.Women in the society have come up with groups hence chat ways on how they can improve their livelihoods. This has helped a lot because some have started making blocks which are used for building. They also make energy saving jikos and practise tree planting. By doing all these activities they are able to earn income which helps them improve their livelihood. It has also exposed them to more knowledge especially in the sector of technology where most people are not conversant with. Rural women easily use mobile phones and have quickly appreciated the emergence of modern technologies like electronic money transactions.