By James Maina

After three years of experience in teaching, I have come to a full realization of what it takes to be a teacher in the real world and in the unseen sphere of being a public servant.

Getting into a classroom, speaking loud, lesson planning, syllabus scheming and other peripheral activities are not all that a teacher has to do. There are much more.

Having innocent pupils and students yearning for knowledge from you. What a great feeling.

The services a teacher is expected to render to that little angel are enormous, diverse and very pivotal in life than anyone can imagine.

Prompting to be a researcher
An efficient teacher regularly undertakes special research to know the possible ways in which the services rendered are up to date and focused.

Call for commitment
Despite the fact that only a handful of Kenyans recognize our efforts in making useful men out of small boys and useful ladies out of small girls, we  must be measurably be committed to our job in order to achieve  high levels of success  in our profession.

Call for love
As a teacher it is impossible to inculcate useful knowledge in the learners whom you bore. Always crown your lessons with love and you will get it rather interesting. Show love and expect good results.