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Thursday, 17 March 2011

What life could mean for a youth.

Many young people think that life is difficult. They also tell others about life being very difficult.
According to me, I don't know whether to call it a myth or a believe because this is not actually the reality. Many people however take this as solid truth and therefore expect a difficult life to them. In fact they think that it is obvious.

My opinion is that, life is how you take it as an individual. If you take it to be difficult, the more difficult it will be. And when you take it to be simple, the smoother it will get.
But the issue of life becoming so smooth doesn't come so automatically. For instance, you can't sit down and except life to be smooth. Also you can't sit down and expect to harvest yet you had not planted. You have to set yourself goal and work very hard to achieve.

In life also, don't forget about the future. As far as you are physically fit, you have to be busy always and NEVER entertain idleness. In this way you will be able. To cope with challenges because the latter will always be there despite in spite of whom you are.

To succeed in life doesn’t come automatically. If you find that life is becoming too hard for you, just think twice and have a second thought about it. Find ways in which you can improve your life. You might not be very educated but that cannot be a reason to settle for less and endure ‘‘hard life’’ You might try other means like practicing small Scale farming, kitchen gardening and also other small businesses. Non-skilled businessman is applicable to every one as far as no formulars or procedures are applied.

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