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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The day dreamer

By Prisca Ngarachu   
Have you ever come across those day dreamer characters, or might you perhaps be one of them? As for my case I have, and unfortunately it happens to be one of my brothers.
Day dreaming is one of the characters I detest in my life. This is because you might have secretly done something wrong with such a person for example siphoning mummy’s sugar only to reveal the whole story in their dreams as they sleep, embarrassing you badly.

One day, we happened to steal Mom’s bananas, which she had kept in the family store waiting eagerly for them to ripen in order to share with other members. The culprits were my brother Tony, my cousin Ann and I. So after I successfully sneaked into the store and plucked a bunch of the bananas, Tony said Prisca should have two, Ann to get four since she was a visitor and because I had managed to take them from the store, I would enjoy five of them as a way of parting my back for the job well done. We all agreed and promised to keep a secret.

After retiring to bed that very night and before everyone was barely asleep, my brother went into his dreamland with the day’s happenings being top on his dream items. And so he narrated the whole story. He let out a yell in the course of his dream waking up my mom, who started to follow the drama. When she went to his bedside to inquire what he was saying, my brother repeated the story as it was without missing a word.
And although the whole drama was somehow entertaining, I crossed my fingers hoping he does not reveal the secret in his dream. But as mum inquired further, my brother answered her each and every question she asked him, disclosing the day’s secret. Unknown to him, he was putting both him and me in trouble for plucking and eating her bananas without her authority.
When mum had gathered enough evidence, she went back to sleep in her bed and waited for daybreak to pick up the case.

The next morning, mom went straight to the store where she had kept the bananas. When she confirmed that some bananas were missing, our home was turned to a battlefield with the culprits getting serious lashes on our bottoms. From that day I vowed never to have any secret with my brother or any other such dream-out-loud characters. But my big question remains, ''Just what is a dream?''

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