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Thursday, 17 March 2011

The fate of non-mathematicians.

Mathematics is a subject equals to live! We use the subject in all our day-to-day activities, be it walking, sleeping, digging, driving…the list is endless! Seldom do an hour pass without me using it, and it goes beyond the daily calculations.

I have a moving story to share; ‘‘some years ago, I died! and went to heaven I met Angel Gabriel! He welcomed me to the waiting bay where other angels and people who died earlier sang and danced joyfully. It didn’t take long before my judgment was done, where I was sentenced to eternal life, singing, praising and… the Almighty God.

No sooner had I joined the other singers, than Angel Gabriel called me. He said, “Here are the keys for your cube where you will be living. ‘Use the key to locate the cube’’ He said. The keys had a label written, ‘‘log3 7 + log4 9’’, woe on to me, after endless walks up and down, trying to locate the cube, I found non, not even one closer to it.

I went back to Angel Gabriel and enquired from him but the answer I got was that, “the correct answer to the label is the number to your house.” I tried, tried, tried and tried until I could try no more, but it was a like a ‘‘Mount Everest’’ for me to climb!  I It was evident I cannot get it, I was told to; “Go back to the earth and learn mathematics so that next time you can locate your house with ease!”

This therefore makes me ‘mad’ in mathematics and so my friend make sure you are not sent back from heaven to the earth as it so happened to me!!’’ You must like mathematics.

By David Musembi.
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