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Monday, 30 September 2013

Lariak Day celebrate the price of success

By Robert Eyapan

Lariak day secondary school held a price giving day ceremony on September 26, 2013.The ceremony was graced by various stakeholders in the education sector who included Minister of Education county level, District Education Officer (D.E.O), Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) and the Member of County Assembly, Olmoran Ward.
Entertainment was provided by students from the school. The scouts matched as they welcomed the guests to the podium. Pupils from the neighboring Lariak primary school also entertained the congregation.
Some of the students waiting for their gifts
The students were awarded gifts on various fields as follows; those who scored highest grades, those with highest marks on various subjects, those who are most organized in terms of class work, and other activities. Teachers and non-teaching staff were also given prizes.
Mr.Nderitu who is the school principal took to the podium and addressed thecongregation by giving a brief history of the school. He said that the school started by admitting students from poor background who were not able to join boarding schools. The principal also said that the school started with only one structure and they had only fourty (40) students.
 “Since then our school virtually has every structure needed in a learning institution.This has been made possible through support from parents and teachers. The school has progressed and is currently participating in various activities like science congress, music festivals and athletics.’’ said Mr. Nderitu
The principal further urged the government through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to increase allocation for bursary in order to have a smooth learning, to assist in building an additional laboratory and also to assist in repairing the poor condition of the playing grounds.
Area Education Officer (AEO), Mr.Peter Keru asked parents to report to his office,teachers who are not performing their duties well so that he can take immediate action.
“If you do not report those teachers you are the ones who will suffer in the long run.” Petersaid. He also thanked the parents for their profound effort of supporting the school community in meeting their goals.
The County Minister of Education, Mr. Akale talked about the importance of good conduct by studentswhile learning. He said that if the students do not take their learning seriously it will affect their performance.”You students it is important that you work hard in order to have a bright future.” said Akale.
The congregation was later closed by a word of prayer from pastor Minjire.

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