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Friday, 20 September 2013

Residents cry foul over man carrying crude weapons

By Bett Kipsang’

A man with questionable appearance was Friday morning intercepted by police officers in Sipili trading center. Residents were startled at the sight of a middle aged man, in tatters and carrying what many feared were crude weapons. 

Three armed police officers, ostensibly were coming back from a security operation when they spotted the suspicious looking man. He was dressed in dirty tatters and was carrying a machete (panga) and a piece of wood with sharp pointed hooks. Surprisingly the man had smeared what looked like grease on the machete and hooked stick.
 The man's coat was zipped up with stuff stacked inside making the abdomen bulge out. The officers suspected the character and ordered him to remove everything he had stacked under his tattered cloths.  

The officers watched as the man churned out paraphernalia, ranging from empty bottles, polythene bags, tobacco and snuff. He was later ordered to burn all his stuff in a nearby rubbish pit.  
 Confirming the concerns of residents, the officer in charge of Sipili police post, Mr. Kennedy Moenga, told LRV that he had received distressed calls from community members over the behaviour of that man.

LRV has also established that the man had earlier been jailed on several incidences.  A neighbor, who sought anonymity, confided in the LRV that ‘‘At one time, the man was arrested, judged and jailed for about five years for assaulting his own mother’’.

 He has also been arrested for stealing and slaughtering three goats belonging to his neighbors. At one time when police went to arrest him, they discovered that he had planted some illegal weed (cannabis sativa) around his Dincom village house, alongside flowers. Neighbours reported that the guy smokes ‘‘weed’’ openly, without a flinch.
‘‘Police are closely keeping watch to monitor his reform process’’ said Mr. Moenga.

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