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Monday, 23 September 2013

Adopted son assaults foster mother

By Lorine Nganyi

Parents do suffer in silence but once their tragedy is revealed then it is automatically not a secret.Sipili shopping center in Laikipia county was on Saturday evening treated to a dramatic scene as a woman was seriously beaten by her adopted son. The adopted son claimed that the mother is always harsh and does not respect his feelings.

The son used a plank of firewood to beat up his mother. Screams and pleading from the mother could not deter the boy from continuing with the assault. Her clothes were torn during the incident, her knee was twisted and she was also nose bleeding. Her wailing attracted people’s attention who came to her rescue.

The mother had opted to adopt the boy due to the fact that she is barren. She told curious onlookers that she was just trying to lead him to the right track as it is always the wish of every mother.

 “Last week he was accused of stealing five cocks and I had to pay for the stolen chicken in order to settle the matter.” She said

 The boy who is currently in form two in a local day secondary school insinuated that the property of the mother comes from “Illuminati”. The boy ran away from home after the incident.

“The scenario was so shocking; indeed the boy is so heartless, after all the mother has struggled with him through thick and thin. This is the outcome of adopting a kid’ said one of the neighbours.
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