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Friday, 20 September 2013

ICT trainee set for a higher calling

By Bob Aston

William Gibore is currently a GSU Constable based in Olmotonyi in Laikipia County. After completing ICT training his name was among those seconded by the Kenyan government to the department of Peacekeeping Operations’ Police Division. As of August 31, 2013 Kenya had contributed 57 police officers, 27 UN Military Experts on mission and 794 troops to the department. The total number of Kenyan’s at the United Nations Peace Keeping Operations currently stands at 878.

William was then called for an interview where the key area which was tested was ICT skills. He emerged among the best and is now preparing for his second Interview. He currently frequents the Maarifa Centre to access his E-mail and go through various manuals and notes sent by UN Peace Keeping Missions. 

William is scheduled to attend the second interview in two weeks time. If he will be successful during the second interview he will join other UN Peace keepers who according to United Nations Peacekeeping Mission website are tasked with helping countries torn by conflict, create the conditions for lasting peace. In addition to maintaining peace and security, peacekeepers are also charged with assisting in political processes; reforming judicial systems; training law enforcement and police forces; disarming and reintegrating former combatants; supporting the return of internally displaced persons and refugees.

William Gibore after attending an interview
“I thank ALIN for the free ICT Training. During the practical computer test I realized that I was better than those who had attended computer training in established institutions. Some of the people who attended the interview were talking of how they attended big computer institutions but after the practical computer exam all of them were saying that it seemed that I was trained by the best. “said William.

According to United Nations Peacekeeping Mission website Police officers working in United Nations missions enhance their professionalism through exposure to standards of excellence in international policing and specialized training. Many senior members of the international policing community consider it beneficial that officers have had an international posting. It is also an opportunity for police officers to help populations in need following a crisis or war. Police-contributing countries see clear benefits for their local communities when their police officers return from UN missions. Many police officers serve in more than one United Nations mission throughout their careers.

“I hope I will do well in the final interview. This is an opportunity that I will not just let go. Working in the United Nations Peace Missions has been my long time dream and finally that I can see it beckoning I have to grasp that chance.” said William.

United Nations Peacekeeping Mission website states that peace missions would give a police officer an opportunity to meet people from many different backgrounds and cultures and to learn from them. Police peacekeepers participate in different mission trainings and often work closely with police from the nation where the mission is located, advising, mentoring and assisting them in their duties. Police peacekeepers expand their thinking about how to approach police service and often bring useful knowledge back to their service when they return home. 

Laikipia Rural Voices wishes William Gibore all the best as he prepares for a new challenge ahead.

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