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Friday, 27 April 2012

No more water scarcity, come rain come shine.

 By Mbuthi Jeremia.

 The residents of Kirima location in Ol-moran division will now have something to smile about. This is after a stalled water project that has taken more than thirty years to be developed is now on its final touches.

 The project located at Minjore village was initiated by the then Laikipia west Mp. Hon. G.G Kariuki in 1975. Then it was used to supply water to Dimcom location.

 Insecurity in the area and poor management of this project, led to disappearance of diesel engine. The water pumping diesel machine is alleged to have been stolen together with the metal pipes that connected the 8km distance from the borehole to the tank at Dimcom.

Thirty years down the line, this initiative was left unattended. By the year 2003 the government had realized the suffering of residents due to lack of water, the project was revived through the ministry of water and sanitation, which allocated Ksh 7 million for the project.

This time round the water pipes were diverted to supply water to Kirima location. Residents of this location enjoyed the water supply for merely two years and the thirty year old story repeated itself. The diesel pumping machine and the pipes went missing.

  The same project received some other Ksh 8 million from the government for its renovation in the 2007, thanks to the present area MP. Hon Ndiritu Muriithi and Cllr. Mbuthi Peter of Kirima ward. This renovation entails installation of an electric motor in place of the diesel machine that is highly prone to theft. According to Laikipia west water Engineer; eng. Ndura, electrification of the project is expected to use Ksh 11 million.

 The project formerly known as Dimcom water project has been renamed; Minjore water project and is intended to benefit more than 2000 families within the six villages in Kirima location, an area of about 25 square kilometers. ''We are waiting for the KPLC to install the electricity cables and the project will be through," said Eng Ndura.

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