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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brawling lion attack villagers in Kinamba

By Bett Kipsang’  

Two women are alleged to have been mauled by a lion at Eighteen village in Kinamba division Laikipia County. Terrified residents last evening informed the LRV through short message service (SMS). ''Lion has attacked and injured two women at Eighteen village, Ndindika area'' an SMS from Ibrahim read. The area is bordering a wildlife conservancy in Laikipia West.

  A spot check by LRV found out that two women were seriously injured and three goats eaten up by the marauding canine. The two were rushed to Nyahururu hospital where they are admitted for medical attention.

 Human wildlife conflict has become a nuisance to the residents of the area in the recent past. Last year another woman was eaten up by a lion a few kilometers from the area. Elephants have been reported to destroy hundreds of acres of crops, leading to a threat to food security. 

It is reported that officers from the Kenya wildlife Service, responded quickly to the residents’ alarm and latter killed the roaming lion.  LRV is closely following up on the story.


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