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Monday, 5 November 2012

Agony of a family after son’s disappearance

By Maryanne Wangare

He has been away for the last 5 years, last seen towards the General Election. He is being traced in the eve of another General Election. He never voted because he had just applied for the Identity Card and could not wait to have it save for the waiting card he left with. His kinsmen later collected the vital document ironically to help in tracing him.

Shadrack Foiyo Kiptanui being traced
Shadrack Foiyo Kiptanui, 28 disappeared in July 2007and has never been seen nor heard of since then. His disappearance has remained a constant heartache to the family and his ageing parents. Mr. Samwel Kiptanui, 73 and Mrs. Rachel Muthoni, 70 have never heard of their son since he left their home-stead in search of a job. The parents who are recovering from the effects of post-election violence after being displaced in Keringet, Nakuru County and sought refuge in Laikipia are still in awe of their son’s disappearance. 

When they visited Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV), offices seeking for help, the only form of identity for their son is an old photograph and a new Identity Card collected on behalf of their son which was issued in Ng’arua. Shadrack, appears to be 5 feet tall with a light complexion in the photograph. 

The lad is said to have dropped in class eight and opted for menial jobs. He initially worked in a wholesale shop in Karandi. He is said to have also worked in Kamuru both in Laikipia County. 

Efforts to trace him have hit a snag. He last called in 2010 using somebody else’s phone and claimed to be in Garissa. When the owner of the phone was contacted he denied knowledge of the person being sought.
The last born son and the ninth child in Kiptanui’s family of eleven children have caused more jitters with worries of youth initially recruited by the Al-Shabbab militia group being wiped out by Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia. 

LRV is asking members of the public to pass any information regarding the whereabouts of Shadrack Kiptanui to help his family unravel the mystery.

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