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Friday, 26 April 2013

Child drowns in a pit

By Martin Wamae
A three year old child fell in a pit containing rain water on Wednesday afternoon and died. The tragic accident happened in Mahiga village of Laikipia West District while the child was playing near the pit. It is reported that the child in the company of two others tripped and fell on the pit but could not be rescued immediately since there was no adult around. It is believed that she drowned since there was plenty of water in the pit.

Parents of the child have separated and she was living with her father and her other sibling after their mother left with other two children. The father was not around when the incident happened and had gone to look for food. She had been left in the company of their grandmother who at the time of the accident had dashed to console with a bereaved neighbor. The grandmother was shocked to hear the sad news while taking a cup of tea in the neighbor’s house. She rushed home only to confirm that the incident had happened within a short time after her departure.

The father of the child only identified as Maina and of middle age separated with his wife during the2007 post election clashes that rocked the country. He is now left with one child to take care of while the wife has two.

Area assistant chief Richard Mutahi while confirming the incident directed the residents to ensure that all boreholes are fenced and any bore hole which is not used should be filled. He told them that he will be conducting a search in the homesteads to check on those who will not heed his directive to face the full wrath of the law.
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