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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Tandare groups start receiving carbon credit money

By James Maina
The international small group tree planting program (TIST) on May 5, 2014 disbursed carbon credit payment vouchers to Tandare cluster in Mithiga, Laikipia County. The ceremony which was graced by Regional TIST quanitifier, Community Forest Association (CFA) officials as well as Tandare and Njorua cluster leaders saw Ksh 203,818 disbursed to various groups.
Speaking during the ceremony Francis Njogu, Tandare Cluster leader reminded the members the core values that the umbrella organization upholds. He said that TIST International follows truthfully its principles, values and objectives.
Carbon credit policy works on paying farmers for the seedlings they have planted. The farmers are expected to have formed a group and dully registered with TIST International. 

David Thuku, Regional TIST Quantifier, took the members through the process of receiving carbon credit money.
Disbursement of carbon credit money is normally done on a quarterly basis and is disbursed through Safaricom M-Pesa money transfer. Later members receive their dues as tabulated in the voucher breakdown.
“For members to receive carbon credit cash each group must have brought the voucher form with them. Also M-Pesa forms must be filled correctly. This will guarantee the delivery of the revenue,” said Thuku.
Thuku urged the members to double their efforts in planting trees in order to attain their targeted number of 100,000 trees. He said members will get a bonus of Ksh 50,000 if they reach that target.
TIST-Tandare cluster members following proceedings
TIST started its operations in Laikipia in 2008. It empowers small groups of subsistence farmers to reverse the devastating effects of deforestation, drought, and famine.
Small groups that received payment vouchers were; Nyakinyua Kurims, Jikaze, Kiamite Wa Farmers, Green Field, Neighbours, Muembe, Kirima Tree Nursery, Kiamburi, Kamugi Tree Nursery, Kahirigo  Tree Nursery, Jamaa, Green Tree and Victory.
TIST Trainer Joseph Muthee informed Tandare cluster members that payment is made after verification and quantification of the member’s trees.
Muthee thanked Tandare cluster members for the progress that they have made in tree planting and carbon credit ideology. He urged all members to continue being active in order to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.
“I would like to be categorically clear that TIST International registration is transparent, clear and free of charge. Always remember our policies, values and beliefs,” said Muthee.
Muthee said that TIST-Tandare cluster has several products like honey, deodorant made from honey and merry go round.
Ann Mwihaki from Community Forest Association (CFA), urged members to plant more trees and to also conserve the environment. She said that they are currently nurturing seedlings as they await the long rains so that they can plant more trees in Lariak forest.
Muthee-Right with some of the Tandare cluster members
Ann said that she has also been a member of TIST International since 2008. She informed other members that she had been receiving carbon credit money during every disbursement.
“We started by meeting every Wednesday. During the meetings we would add bee hives or clear the surrounding from the unwanted growth and from ants,” said Ann.
Joseph Mukungo, a member of Tandare cluster warned those cheating others and illegally terming themselves as TIST International officials to desist from doing that as they are tarnishing the name of the organization.
“This practice is common in Sipili locality. We are more enlightened and we can identify those who are masquerading as members of TIST International,” said Mukungo.
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