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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Whirlwind damage building in Sipili town

By Bob Aston
A building was damaged by whirlwind on Tuesday afternoon next to Njunjis House 2006 in Sipili town. The whirlwind which lasted for more than ten (10) minutes destroyed part of the roof of the building which was constructed early this year.
Part of the building that was damaged by whirlwind
Owner of a soda depot housed in the building was inside but unknown to him the column of whirling dust and sandy debris waltzing around was destroying part of the building. He was alerted to the ongoing when the noise outside prompted him to check what was happening. An eye witness said that part of the mabati from the roof was thrown up high in the air.
Whirlwind normally occur when the air near the surface of the ground is much hotter than the layer of air above it. The air gets it heat from the ground which is warmed by the rays of the sun.
On a scorching day, which is now common in Sipili as the area continues to experience a dry spell, the thin layer of air next to the ground may become very hot, especially when there are no breezes to cool it and that is when a whirlwind is likely to be born.
The intensity of whirlwind in the area has never reached the one experienced in the area on Tuesday afternoon as most usually dissipate after a few seconds. No cases of injuries were reported.
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