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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

ALIN trains CBO on blogging to spur knowledge sharing

By Bob Aston

The Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) on September 11, 2014 trained four (4) members of Upper Ewaso Narok Water Resource Users Association (WRUA) on blogging. The training which took place at Kwa Wanjiku in Marmanet, Laikipia West is set to spur knowledge sharing as Upper Ewaso Narok WRUA will now be able to document and disseminate their project activities.
The 4 members being trained on blogging
The training was conducted to complement an earlier training for United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) grantees from Laikipia County.
The grantees had earlier on been trained on news writing, creative writing, feature writing, photography, interviewing, online journalism (blogging) and media law and ethics. This is one of the additional ways that is being used in aiding knowledge sharing amongst the grantees.

This is expected to not only enhance their online visibility but also help in closing knowledge gaps, improving accessibility of indigenous knowledge as well as ensuring that communities are better informed about Sustainable Land Management (SLM).
Grace Njihia could not hide her joy after the training. Apart from documenting and disseminating information about Upper Ewaso Narok WRUA she expects to apply her new found knowledge in creating a blog where she will be expressing herself through her music. She has released two (2) video DVDs but she now wants to explore the online community through blogging.
Grace also plans to introduce blogging to a community group called Focus Kenya which she is a member. The group has been targeting youths and helping them to nurture their talent through creative arts and agriculture.
Two of the members practicing how to publish articles
“The knowledge that I have gained is invaluable. I plan to train other youths on how they can create their own blogs. Apart from that it will now be easier for us as members of Upper Ewaso Narok WRUA to share our project activities with our online audience,” said Grace.
Mr. Peter Gitau, Chairman Upper Ewaso Narok WRUA noted that the work that they are doing of promoting sustainable management of the water resources within Ewaso Narok sub catchment for enhanced livelihoods of the communities living there will now be easier as they will be able to use the social media tools for dissemination.
“The skills that we have acquired will help us to articulate the experiences that we have gathered while conserving Ewaso Narok sub catchment. This will help in ensuring there is wider knowledge sharing,” said Mr. Gitau.
Upper Ewaso Narok WRUA has been promoting SLM for increased crop production as well as rehabilitation of Ewaso Narok sub catchment through reafforestration. The Community Based Organization (CBO) has also been actively advocating for environmental conservation and promotion of sustainable agricultural and nature based livelihoods.
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