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Friday, 23 January 2015

Our men continue to be weak and short changed

By Regina Wokabi 

All is not well, if surely it does not seem to end well! Though regarded as the superior gender, the flag bearers, most of our men, really need help. Surely nothing has been left of them, let alone their pride and chauvinist nature. Something has really gone awry and action has to be taken to change this state of affairs as un-divinely ordained.
It pains my heart to see of what is left of our fathers, partners and brothers. Some men have taken their irresponsible act to far.
My hometown Sipili in Laikipia County is a full depiction of this. Our rather small town is decorated by crowds of idle, disoriented and jobless men. Both the youth and elderly people are always seen screaming hysterically out of nothing. Chanting dirges, countless of them sleeping in ditches and others somewhere in a dilapidated bar. Drinking themselves to sleep or cheering a losing team from a white and black display television box.
They have become slaves of the bottle. This hypotonic concoction has sucked out their brains, manners, self image and respect. They are shamelessly being laughed at by junior school kids, who pass by on their way to school early in the morning to find this”big babies” lying in water soaked ditch by the road. Surely, there’s a leak from the bottomless pit in one of hells many.
Judging by the number of street children begging and residing in the streets darkest corridors and paths, it shows that there are many irresponsible men around. You just don’t become a true African man by fathering a whole lot of children but rather by being able to feed them.
Some of our backward, heathen and primal traditions are to blame. Manhood really got into their heads that it displaced some of their moral values.
Any man being fed by the sweat and efforts of his wife, when all he does is idle around and call it a day, should be totally ashamed of himself. You just leave home in the morning to catch up with your friends, idle in the streets, play pool games , drink a crate or two of cheap beer(the kind that causes sudden blindness), then show up the following morning, having soiled your pants , and demand for food. Where do you expect it to come from? Manna or quails from the heaven you know nothing about!
Anyway, let us hope there is light at the end of this hollow, dark tunnel, because something has to be done and better it be quick because these souls are perishing!

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