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Friday, 24 April 2015

Communities in Laikipia set to benefit from household economic empowerment programme

By Bob Aston
The household economic empowerment programme (HEEP) was started by Laikipia County government with an aim of reducing poverty level in the county which currently stands at 47 percent. The project is being carried out by the County Development Authority which was established two months ago.
The County government through the Governor hopes that through the program, poverty level will decline drastically within a year. Those targeted are people who live below the poverty level and notably those who are considered vulnerable. The County government decided to empower communities at the household level as it deemed it as the best way of eradicating poverty.
The enterprises involved include; indigenous poultry, dairy goat, rabbit production and kitchen garden. Various groups have already been provided with dairy goats, incubators and rabbits. Those receiving incubators are also being provided with eggs.
Picture of rabbits feeding
Organized groups are also being trained on kitchen garden. The objective of this is to ensure households are food and nutrition secure, good management and profitable utilization of available resources is promoted in the county as well as to promote profitable agribusiness in Laikipia County.
Some of the beneficiaries from Ol-Moran Ward include; Sipili Handicap S.H.G, Mbogoini Handicap S.H.G, Songambele S.H.G, Double Vision S.H.G, Good Hope, Maji Misi S.H.G, Sipili Rabbit Keepers S.H.G, Tujijenge S.H.G, Beneza Women Group, Amani H.I.V S.H.G, Mwereri Volunteers S.H.G, Ol-Moran Huruma S.H.G, Wajane Jitegemee S.H.G, Wangwaci Young Farmers and Sipili-Kinamba Broilers Keepers S.H.G.
The County government will partner with private organizations to find market for the groups. Laikipia Governor has already launched the project in Rumuruti, Kalalu, Ilipolei and Lamuria.
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