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Monday, 29 June 2015

Whatever the reason, the business success is yours to chart

By Murigi Ndung’u
Why do people go into business? There are several reasons to that. But what is the reason you decide to go into business? The concern is your particular reason. An entity, a person or an organization may start a business with the idea of covering a market niche; this is utilizing the available market gap that is yet to be exploited.
Take for example in rural areas where there is a deficiency in technological advancement. If an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) group introduced computers, and the subsequent technology, then that would be exploiting the market niche.
Other people go into business just because they want to be their own boss, that’s right; they want to employ themselves and keep it that way. But why is this so. There are several factors that fuel this kind of motivation and most of them are purely personal reasons.
One of the professional reasons is the education coupled with the skills.  A person may start a business just because they feel they are competent to manage and oversee everything, they feel their skills are too good to be employed at a ‘peanut salary’.
Others go into business to keep their leisure taste in touch while others want to do a better job of what is already provided in the market, but why go into business shouldn’t be an issue to make your business die along the way, in fact it should be horned to give the best of your entrepreneurial flair.
There are several things to consider that may be inclusive but not exclusive, these are; the objectives of the business, availability of the market and good market research and dynamism of the business.

If you don’t accomplish the objectives, your business is deemed to fall the next minute, similarly if the market tastes and preferences are not your idea of business, it will also crumble like a castle of cards, this now automatically calls for market research. If you don’t move with the trends, you will automatically be hurled out of the centrifuge, all these and many others are what will make you succeed, not the reason you started the business.
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