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Monday, 29 February 2016

Sipili records lowest Uwezo Fund uptake in Laikipia West

By Bob Aston
Ol-Moran Ward accounts for the lowest uptake of Uwezo Fund in Laikipia West Sub County. Speaking during a social protection linkage forum between financial service providers and women groups convened by the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP) on February 24-25, 2016 at Nyaki Hotel in Nyahururu, Ms. Agnes Wambugu, Sub- County youth, and gender officer said that no youth group has benefited from Sipili since formation of Uwezo Fund.
She said that 18 women groups have benefited from Ol-Moran Ward while no youth group or persons with disability have benefited.
Ms. Agnes Wambugu addressing women drawn from different farmer groups

The 18 women groups have received Kshs 1,050,000 thus accounting for 6.47 percent of the disbursed amount.

“We are deeply concerned that youth groups from Sipili are not applying for Uwezo Fund. The ward has received the lowest amount because of the low number of applicants,” said Ms. Wambugu.
She said that Uwezo Fund is a flagship programme for vision 2030 aimed at enabling women, youth, and persons with disability access finances to promote businesses and enterprises at the constituency level.
Igwamiti ward has received the highest amount at Kshs 4,345,110. The amount accounts for 26.16 percent of the total disbursed amount. Other disbursements include Githiga 4,230,120, Marmanet 3,200,106, Rumuruti 2,150,066, and Salama 1,150,042.
A total of 52 youth, 186 women groups, and 2 persons with disability groups have benefited from Laikipia West. Total disbursed amount is Kshs 16,225,000. Laikipia West received Kshs 21,447,000 million for Uwezo Fund.
Some of the groups that have benefited from Sipili/Ol-Moran include Gitio Self Help Group, (S.H.G), Jiinue Sipili S.H.G, Kiriko Sipili Women S.H.G, Kiriko Wendani Group, Sipili Poultry Keepers, Nyakio S.H.G, Githima Spiners, Weavers S.H.G, Minjore Mwireri S.H.G, Naibrom Women Group, Songambele S.H.G, Malezi S.H.G, Sipili Handicapped, Kipkelion S.H.G, Wangwachi Mwangaza, and Ahotani 2013 Women group.
Women making handbags
She said that training is a pre-requisite to applying for the fund and it focuses on four key areas that include general information on Uwezo Fund, business development services and mentoring; table banking concept; and access to government procurement opportunities for youth, women and persons with disability.
”The minimum amount that groups can receive is Kshs 50,000 while the maximum amount is Kshs 500,000. Groups have a grace period of six months while repayment period is a maximum of 24 months from the end date of the grace period,” said Ms. Wambugu.
She said that groups must be in existence for more than three (3) months in order to receive funding. 
Other areas include groups doing table banking, registered groups with the department of social services or the register of societies, groups operating within the constituency, and groups with an operational bank account.

She urged youth groups particularly from Sipili to collect application forms at the Constituency Uwezo Fund Management Committee office or the Uwezo Fund website.

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