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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Adopting to climate change

By simon Munyeki

Elder Muchiri Wa Kiriro planting a tree seedling
Nations all over the world are faced with a great challenge of combating the global warming that is being experienced in all regions of the world irrespective of their geographical positions on the global map. Different conventions have been convened in different countries to try and find a solution to this common danger that is endangering planet earth and its inhabitors without any permanent solution.

Different declarations and propositions between the major industrial nations which are the major contributors of global warming due to the amount of industrial gases and wastes they release to both the air and environment have been passed and agreed upon such as cutting the consumption of fossil fuels such as coal in the day to day industrial and domestic use have not yielded any fruits for due to lack of willingness by these big nations to reduce their industrial activities in fear of economic and industrial domination by rival countries such as the United States and China. 

This luck of good will to end environmental pollution continues to harm and hurt every living thing in the universe. It is estimated that within a few years the greatest ice deposit which is in the northpole and the arctic will have melted down rising the levels of water in oceans and seas displacing people and animals due to high floods which will occupy the land.

Different measures have been taken to try and control climate change such as environmental conservation and planting of trees in order to increase the percentage of tree cover as well as promoting the use of clean and renewable energy for both domestic and industrial purposes.

ACC Daniel Cheruiyot after planting a tree seedling
Positive Industrial revolutions such as the manufacturing of hybrid and electric vehicles and trains has made a significant step in reducing levels of carbon and poisonous emissions which has been a huge contributor of global warming. In Kenya the government has promoted generation of clean and renewable energy through solar panels and wind which has been incorporated in the main power grid.

Illegal saw milling, charcoal burning and cultivation along the river banks , although being a source of income for many people in developing nations such as kenya, has also been contributing to environmental pollution leading to climate change.         

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