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Monday, 9 July 2012

UDF drums up support in Sipili

By Dennis Kipkirui

 The United Democratic Front (UDF) party held a public rally on Sunday in Sipili market, Laikipia West Constituency. Industrialization assistant minister, who is also the area MP Hon. Nderitu Mureithi, led party leaders in urging the residents to join the new outfit. He asked the attendants to desist from tribal politics and embrace leaders who sell parties based on their policies and not individuals.

Hon.Jeremia Kioni address the gathering in Sipili market
  Ndaragwa MP Hon. Jeremiah Kioni felt short of naming a prominent politician whom he said was a schemer who wanted to ascend to power using the backdoor. He alleged that the politician ‘‘he feared most’’ was interested in dividing people into two factions so that there will be a presidential runoff during the upcoming elections. According to the MP a runoff between the ‘‘feared’’ politician and the other whom he did not name was dangerous. He alluded that the ‘‘feared’’ man could easily win in that case. 

 Kioni urged residents not to be balkanized since this may take the country back to problems it faced after the 2007 post election violence. “There is one person whom I fear most and you also fear. This person wants to ensure that only two people are in the runoff. How will it be when he will be sitting in power while we are making trips to The Hague?” He asked the crowd. He acknowledged the cosmopolitan nature of Laikipia County and cautioned people to tread carefully when choosing leaders since the region is volatile enough to be ignited by petty political differences.

Ecstatic crowd cheer UDF leaders
 Nderitu was taken to task by various county representative aspirants on his development track record since he came to power. He was at pains explaining why he wants to ascend to the post of a senator yet his record as the area MP is wanting. He has declared interest in the post of senator Laikipia County. The MP however asked the residents to be patient with up-coming developments especially the construction of the Sipili-Kinamba road which he claimed was in the pipe-line. He enumerated various development projects which he had started, chief among them being supporting educational and health services in the area.

  UDF National Treasurer Ms Martha Wangari told the crowd that UDF unlike other parties is not owned by individuals but members. She said that despite Hon. Musalia Mudavadi being the presidential candidate he does not own the party as an individual. She asked them to register as party members and turn out in large numbers during the day of election to ensure the party wins.

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