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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rising insecurity in Laikipia

By Shadrack Njuguna
Laikipia West is witnessing unprecedented proliferation of crime. Attacks are becoming frequent in the area and security teams have been taken aback by reports from different areas where people have been attacked.
On Sunday one man was seriously injured by rustlers in broad daylight when he attempted to respond to an alarm. Reports indicate that the man was coming from the church when he decided to join a team which was pursuing stolen goats. Eye witnesses indicate that the man was shot on the foot by one rustler who had a gun in Lariak forest. He was rushed to Sipili Nursing Home where he was given first aid and later referred to Nyahururu Level Five Hospital.
When Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV) reporter got wind of the information he rushed to the Nursing Home only to see the man being lifted to vehicle which took him to Nyahururu.LRV could not identify the man by name but saw him clad with a turban associated with a religious sect commonly called wa kithomo in the area. The reporter also saw blood which dotted the hospital gate. Earlier in a public rally attended by area MP Nderithu Mureithi who is also Industrilization Assistant minister one of the Ward Representative aspirants had informed the gathering of the attack and the MP indicated that he was aware of it and had requested the victim be transferred to Nyahururu. He also offered to foot medication bill. The assistant minister informed the rally on various measures the government is taking to curb the menace in the area.
On the fateful Sunday, one man was also attacked and injured in Ol Moran area of Laikipia West. Area Councilor sensationally claimed that there was laxity on the part of government to deal with the matter. He said that the residents had to raise funds to buy fuel for the vehicle that belong to the Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) based in Ol Motonyi. The unit is charged with the responsibility of dealing with cattle rustling in the area but ironically could not fuel their vehicle to pursue the stolen animals. The councilor asked the government to ensure that the District Officer (DO) was provided with a vehicle to boost security operations.
Elsewhere, a child was killed early Sunday in Sipili shopping centre in one of the scrap metal collecting points. It is alleged that the child was electrocuted after attempting to steal scrap metal. Eye witnesses claim that the owner had connected electricity to avert theft in his shop.
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