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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Famous LRV reporter hospitalized

By Bett Kipsang’

 A veteran reporter and blogger with Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV) was on Monday admitted in a Sipili health centre where he was treated and discharged. The reporter who requested anonymity fell from a speeding motor cycle and sustained serious bruises on his hands, legs and waist.  It is reported that the accident occurred just behind the health facility. One of the physicians working at the hospital while puffing his cigar witnessed the accident as it happened.

 He rushed to rescue the reporter as the rider picked the motor bike and sped away. It is suspected that the rider may have feared the worse had happened. The reporter arrived at the hospital unconscious; he is reported to have fainted as he was being given first aid. The incident occurred at around 10.30 am.

The LRV reporter with a Bandaged Elbow
 The reporter had reported at work as usual and one of the pioneer LRV trainees who had just arrived from college arrived at the Maarifa Centre on a motor bike. After exchanging some pleasantries with the ill-fated reporter the two agreed to go and train in the field. 

 The veteran LRV reporter needed to acquire the soft skills so that he can be riding himself to far distance to collect stories for the LRV blog. The training never materialized as the faulty motor bike, unexpectedly sped off in high gear, lost control, wavered and crushed. That is when passenger (LRV) fell and slid on the road due to the force of inertia. While still laying on the ground the reporter could hear his friend wondering aloud that the motor bike was in gear three. The rider was not injured. The speedometer for the motor bike was faulty and the driver was either guessing or using his mental judgment to estimate when the gears are engaged’’ he said.

 After the first-aid, the LRV reporter came to the Maarifa Centre to narrate what had happened. He was limping and his right hand was held akimbo due to the injury on the elbow. ‘‘I had to go back to the house to change my clothes since my trouser and shirt was torn badly,”said the reporter. ‘‘The condition is now stable except for some little pains from the bruises’’ said the reporter. 

 The jovial LRV reporter cooperated during the interview making the story come out clearly. ‘‘At this time and age, at least everybody should be able to ride a motor cycle because it is a conventional means of transport in the area’’ said the reporter who was eager to learn the new skill to make his reporting work a little easier.  Though he had not talked to his friend to know why he fled away, he had no hard feelings over him. ‘‘As a victim, I choose to understand,’’ he said.

 The Maarifa Centre team, users and fellow reporters are wishing him quick recovery.
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