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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Massive property lost in frequent fire accidents

   By Joseph Kanyi

Property worth thousands of shillings was lost when fire accident occurred at Karandi trading centre Saturday. Fire is common in every household and whenever the name is called, everyone looks at its benefits without taking into considerations the magnitude of loss it can cause. Karandi trading centre in Laikipia west district has suffered fire disasters thrice in a period of two years. 
Onlookers attempt to salvage property in Sipili in August

 Simon Ngari, a resident in Karandi is both  victim and eyewitness of the latest fire outbreak.  According to Simon Ngari, people were going on with their daily chores, that Saturday afternoon then sudden outcry of Fire! Fire! Was heard. 
Residents started to run helter skelter towards the scene with their mouths wide agape! Huge fire flames were already outstretching like tongues and licking timber walls into smoke. 

 Many people gathered only to watch the free but agonizing movie as fierce inferno consumed all their possessions.  Several victims spent the night in the cold together with their children that evening.
 Though this was the third fire incident, nothing has been done to avert the same from happening in future. The government took no immediate action but the local chief was on the ground the following day to take victims names and record the losses incurred. 

  Reports from eye witnesses indicated that, property worth thousands of shillings went up in flames and the victims are now relying on well wishers for donations, none of was able to salvage anything from their houses. The victim faces were downcast especially those who had been affected by the incident for the third time.

 The fire which lasted for about three hours, extinguished after doing a whole course of destruction.

 Possible causes of fires in the area are not known yet, it is been a mystery that needs to be unruffled to the residents as each one gives out a different story from the other.  During the first incident, the government said that the fire was accelerated by the closeness of buildings. 

As a result the government recommended that residential plots must be surveyed once again and be planned and build afresh. This in turn brought pressure and mixed reactions from residents, some rejected the government’s views and others refused to follow the instructions. 

Due to these ups and downs much time has been wasted without refocusing on how to prevent future incidence. The trading center needs to be renovated to accommodate a growing number of residents and outsiders who are attracted in the area for business matters. 

''The question that is now lingering in resident's minds, is what and how will the government control or prevent any further fire outbreaks in future''. Said Simon. 

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