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Monday, 25 February 2013

Kabati residents cry for water

By Peter Kagiri

Water is a natural resource; a basic commodity for human being. Unfortunately for the residents of Kabati in Laikipia West District clean piped water has only remained literally as a pipe dream. In this semi arid land things are not the same .Water is a tale. There are only two little dams, unfortunately 8km apart. For schools, Nature Walk is critical in this part of the country. Pupils have to be taken for trips to see what a stream or even a river looks like! 

Kabati resident carts water
Of great concern is that a medical officer in the area has declared the water unsafe for not only human consumption but also domestic use. This is after carrying out a sample test of the water. In spite of this, most locals are still using the water seeing that they have to walk long distances looking for water. Fate seems to be on their side and their determination in the life ahead has made them to rely on it despite its impending fatality.

Those who heeded to the expert’s advice have to trek long distances with their donkeys to a dam nicknamed “red dam” for their only hope of survival. The worst of this condition is during the months of December, January and February. This is because in that period, the area receives hardly a drop of rain. During this period, families have to search for water which also proves hard to come by. Livelihood is almost halted at this time as education is not spared. School going children have to stop their learning and help the rest of the family to get water.

The Kabati problem has not escaped the political eye. Every politician has been using it as a campaign tool. A dream of clean piped water is now the catch phrase of many politicians touring the area.

It is the hope of the residents that with the coming of county governments, the problem is going to be addressed. The locals dream of a future with water; clean water for domestic as well as for irrigation. It is not lost to them that a Good Samaritan will read this story and bring salvation along their way.
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