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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Three feared dead; many displaced as election draws

By Bett Kipsang'
Three people are feared dead in Olmoran division Laikipia west. Sources privy to the information have informed the Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV) that several heads of cattle and goats have been stolen in a spade of cattle rustling in the past one week.

 Two people are reported killed last week as they pursued the stolen cattle, no sooner had they closed in on the animals than the rustlers opened fire killing them on the spot. The other person was butchered in cold blood and his herd of cattle stolen on Tuesday night.

Several people have been displaced from the area, a situation that will badly affect the Monday vote.
It is believed the raiders are crossing over from the neighboring Baringo East District. 

In a chilling report similar to the Baragoi incident where over forty police offices were killed. The bodies of the two men killed last week are still lying in the bush and their families are living in anguish.

LRV is pursuing the story and will bring you more details as it unfolds.   

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