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Friday, 15 March 2013

Unsung heroes of Ndurumo

By Rahab Chege

Meet a group of twelve youths. Majority of them are ladies-seven in number and five of the rest being young men. They range between twenty and thirty five years. Ndurumo Survivors is a registered group with the Ministry of Children, Gender and Social Services. The group plays as significant role in Laikipia West District. It works towards prevention of spread of HIV and Aids, drug abuse, early marriages and peace building and fighting tribalism. To achieve this, members employ skits, choral verses and comedies to engage the public in understanding their messages. So far it has been able to reach over 42000 people. 

The group has had its activities working effectively in transforming the conservative society of Ndurumo. Many people are appreciating the critical role they play in transforming the society. An interview by Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV) with the Provincial administration reveals that, this group of youths has won the hearts of many. Ndurumo location Chief had this to say: “I am always proud to be associated with the group as their activities are relevant and have shown and uplifted the name of the location. They are role models to the society, condemn evils without embarrassment and have shown the spirit of team work.”

What has kept the group going forward these seven years according to their chairperson is teamwork and cooperation. He believes that “one big tree does not make a forest” and essentially each of them needs another. Transparency in managing group activities has been vital cord that has bond them together. The need to pass transformative messages to the society has also kept them moving. They do not have money per se but rely on well wishers to support their noble goals. Recently they received money from the government’s Youth Enterprise fund and grants from TOWA.

Occasionally, the group participates in schools and social gatherings to pass their messages. In these forums, they come up with skits and others artistic genres to rely specific information to their audience. Talent has been an investment to the members. All members actively participate in these activities since in one way or another they have the talent to demonstrate.
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