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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Who will clean up this mess?

By Joseph Nderitu
Welcome to Sipili. This is not a courtesy note from the writer but one by heaps of rubbish along the roads or near shops. The litter is never dumped in the right place. This small enterprising hub located 60km away from Nyahururu town has been struggling to get attention from Laikipia County Council but none has been coming forth. The mess has now become a menace due to the emission of foul smell making the environment inconducive for residents and visitors.

Some residents confirmed to the Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV)that, of late no action has been taken to clean the centre and one could wonder whether the concerned authorities are still existing or not. Some even expressed dismay whether the local authority still existed. The council officials are only seen while collecting taxes and turn blind eye on the existence of litter.
Some of the uncollected litter in Sipili

Residents are up in arms after respecting their obligation to pay taxes and no complementing action has been undertaken to clean up the town. Amazingly they are willing to abandon the obligation of paying taxes and take the responsibility of keeping their town in hygiene.

A random check by LRV reveals that the only employee who used to maintain the town is no longer on site. Litter is now taking toll of the busy centre.

One entrepreneur opined that the council should install bins all over the town and furthermore start garbage collection sites. This will make the town clean. It will also boost business and make it a good place to live and invest in. He urges elected leaders in Laikipia County to intervene and take the necessary measures to curb this shame.

LRV hopes that the concerned authorizes will step up measures to eradicate the growing garbage in Sipili. The rural community voice also urges the incoming County government to put in place mechanisms that will enable people to access services they have paid for quickly. It is not lost to the rural voice that access to clean environment is a constitutional right that all people should enjoy.
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