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Monday, 27 May 2013

Traders appeal for drainage and lighting in the market

By Peter Macharia
Sipili market is the main buying and selling point for residents of Sipili Division and its surrounding communities. People travel as far as Ndurumo, Muhotetu and Ol Moran areas to trade. Its vibrant business activities and enhanced security has made it a tower for enterprising in Laikipia west. Unfortunately the land allocated for the market is surprisingly small.

 Activities start as early as six O’clock in the morning and ends at six in the evening. However, the business is vibrant in the evening hours except that absence of lighting has greatly hampered business growth. Few who can manage to have pressure lamps and tin lamps operate up to 9pm.

Saturday is the main market day. Livestock and poultry predominantly occupy the market. It is also a day where many people do their weekly shopping.

Although the market is of great help to the community, it is associated to various problems such as poor drainage that results to flooding all over the area making business difficult to run. Lack of shades where the traders can just shelter either from the scorching sun or heavy rains is also a real challenge. 

Various suggestions have been made by some local traders to improve the conditions of the market to the local authorities. These suggestions include construction of dykes all round the market to drain water, expansion of the market to create enough space, erectingtemporary shades for the traders to shelter in and establishing an entrance and exit gates so as to have a controlled movement of people.

Traders are also appealing to the local authority to put erection of lamp posts as a priority. This will boost security and also enable them extend hours of trade.

Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV) believes that the County Government will look into this matter and make urgent intervention.       

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