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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Stadium in sorry state

By Peter Macharia
Sipili stadium has lost its former glory. Unlike other facilities in the country crippled with problems like land grabbing, the social amenity is struggling with poor maintenance. This public utility lacks proper management and is currently in a sorry state.

The stadium is located next to livestock and poultry market. It is mainly used in sports activities, which includes football, volleyball and basketball. The sporting activities usually take place during weekends.
The stadium also hosts the divisional competitions in the neighboring schools. Due to high number of livestock wandering around, the compound is fenced all around using a strong wire mesh to keep them off.

Although the stadium is big enough, it is poorly managed. Grass has grown all over the area. This has greatly inhibited smooth running of activities in the area. The tall grass growing all over the place can only serve as a home forsnakes, mosquitoes and other dangerous animals.

The field is not flat. Mounts and ridges are dotted allover the compound making sporting difficult to perform. Worst still, it contributes to unnecessary injuries during games. The field is large but only a small part of it is being used. This is because of ditches that are on one part of the compound, which doesn't favor the activities.

Although the residents have tried their best to dig some trenches all around, drainage is yet another challenge. During rainy seasons the fields flood preventing any activity from taking place.
Amazingly, the provincial administration has also turned a blind eye on the stadium. They host their functions like public holidays in private plots instead of championing for its maintenance so that the can use the stadium.

The coming to of a new government that has prioritized youth agenda has raised hopes in the area. Residents are hopeful that the county government will intervene and keep the grass short and make good use of the lower side of the compound.

They are also appealing to the Governor to help them restore the glory of the field.There is need to flatten it, dig trenches around to solve the problem of flooding during rainy season and remove mounts of earth.
Establishment of pitches for new games like handball is also necessary.This will make youth with diverse skills utilize the facility.

Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV) is asking the County Government to make urgent intervention to allow young people utilize the facility and promote social development in the county.

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