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Thursday, 4 July 2013

ICT 'Wizards' Graduate

By Bob Aston  
There were plenty of smiles, a few tears and a lot of hugs as Ngarua Maarifa Centre computer trainees took their first step into the world of computer graduates. The ceremony was held on 1st July 2013.The day was a special opportunity to honour the trainees who attended training between February-April 2013. The day was also designed to recognize the pride Maarifa Centre feels in their computer trainees’ accomplishments. More than 80 graduates were awarded computer certificates. The ceremony was held at Sipili Catholic hall and was attended by government officials, as well as the graduates to celebrate this momentous occasion. 
Graduates posing for a photo
Ngarua Maarifa Centre which is in Sipili Division is one of the seven Maarifa Centres (Nguruman, Kyuso, Mutomo, Marigat, Ndhiwa And Isinya) in Kenya set up by Arid Lands Information Network, (ALIN). Other centers are situated in northern Uganda and in Tanzania.

The graduates, the Maarifa centre staff and other invited guests were all smiles as Ngarua Maarifa centre paid tribute to the hard work and accomplishments of the graduating trainees. Whatever distinguished these trainees from each other throughout computer training disappeared as the smiles on their faces told a common story. They had done it.
An assembly of former computer trainees and a local drama group called Ndurumo Survivors provided entertainment whereby they highlighted accomplishments of ALIN and they also appreciated the work that ALIN has done in Laikipia County.

Mary Wang'ondu who was one of the graduates thanked ALIN for the training stating that the training enabled her to get a job as a cyber assistant. “We have clearly demonstrated that the potential to achieve lies within all of us,” she said.

William Gibore who is a GSU Constable and was also one of the graduates thanked ALIN for the training and also told the gathering that the training enabled him to be called for a Peace Keeping interview. One of the requirements was for one to be computer literate. He urged the gathering to pray for him to be shortlisted.

Graduates following proceedings during the ceremony
Bob Aston who was their computer trainer advised the graduates to make plans for their future and to set goals for themselves. Praising their hard work, he told the graduates that “your accomplishments are your own, but they are also a gift to me.”

Allan Karanja who is an IT professional told the graduates to continue pursuing computer courses. He advised the graduates not to relax but to continue studying and also emphasized on the importance of career development.

Dennis Kipkirui told the graduates and the visitors more about ALIN and activities carried out by Ngarua Maarifa centre.”Your graduation is a celebration of your achievement and marks the beginning of an amazing journey. As you leave the Centre and begin your life, you will be doing so as an alumnus of Ngarua Maarifa centre” said Dennis

Senior Ass Chief John Kimaiyo who is also a computer Alumni at the Maarifa Centre told the graduates to be proud of their achievements as they are now computer literate.Kimaiyo also told ALIN staff that land for Maarifa container is ready and they are just waiting for communication from them. Pastor Anthony Njehia told the graduates about four guiding principles in life. "Discipline, direction, determination and dependence in God are the guiding principles that one should always follow in life,” said Pastor Njehia.He told the graduates to always put God first in whatever they do in life for them to be successful. He concluded his speech with a reading from proverbs chapter 4:1.

The graduates were presented with their certificates and the festivities continued with a joint photo session. Senior assistant chief John Kimaiyo provided closing remarks by thanking ALIN staff who engineered the event and left the graduating class with inspiring words to set them off on their journey.

Ngarua Maarifa Centre wishes all the graduates the best of luck in their future endeavors.
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