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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Man found dead in Sipili

By Dennis Kipkirui
An elderly man was found dead on Thursday morning in Sipili shopping centre. The man believed to be in his late sixties was only identified as a resident of Mwireri village within Sipili Division. It is barely three weeks since another person was found dead in the same centre. Coincidentally, the curcumstances sorrounding the dead being similar.

Residents are becoming concerned with a wave of insecurity that has greeted the centre of late. An on looker expressed his anger on the laxity of government to close drinking dens sprawling in the centre which operate with total disregard to law. The slain man is believed to have been drinking in one of the joints before meeting his death.Those who visited the scene were horrified by the sight. He lay bare in a pool of blood.  The man is suspected to have had an unnatural act meted on him before being killed. 

The body was latter collected by the police.

Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV) will keep you posted on new developments.
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