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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

An elderly man shot dead in Wangwaci

By Bob Aston
A 54 year old man was shot dead yesterday night in Wangwaci location in Laikipia County. A group of armed men believed to be six in number raided Francis Ngugi Maina’s homestead and were in the process of herding away livestock when the owner raised an alarm.
The armed group tried to steal cows and goats from the homestead. They had already removed the cows from the cow shed and were in the process of removing goats when Ngugi started calling for help. The family of Ngugi heard noise outside the homestead and raised an alarm.
The noise attracted neighbours attention who rushed to Ngugi’s homestead while at the same as they shouted for help. In the ensuing commotion the armed group started shooting through the window. Ngugi was hit by two bullets one the head and at the back. The armed men then escaped leaving behind the cows and goats.
Neighbours say that two spent cartridges were recovered in the house. The body was removed by police officers from Kinamba and taken to Nyahururu District Mortuary.
The late Francis Ngugi has left behind a wife and 14 kids. Laikipia Rural Voices (LRV) will keep you posted on the latest development.
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