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Monday, 17 February 2014

Sipili Polytechnic urges community members to enroll at the institution

By Philip Mwamrizi
The Sipili Polytechnic in Sipili Divison, Laikipia County was set to become operational from September 2013, but the institution has only managed to enroll four (4) students as at January 2014. The institution has only one teaching staff member who also doubles up as the Polytechnic Manager.
The institution has three buildings: Tuition block, administration office and a library. The tuition block and administration buildings were built with the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) while the library was constructed by an independent well wisher.
The Sipili Polytechnic gate
The four students; three girls and one boy were all selected in mid January, from the class eight leavers among several others who have not yet reported.
 “We intensively advertised for student positions including during DO’s and Chief’s meetings but unfortunately no one showed up, “said John Ndumia, the Polytechnic Manager.
 “I picked quite a number of students who had not secured places in secondary schools and had admission letters sent to them for acceptance. They were to report on the fourth of February, and here we are, me and my four students,” added Ndumia.
The 12th of February saw the institution Board of Directors hold a meeting to discuss the take off problem and the future of the polytechnic. Immediately thereafter there were interviews of other interested parties, students and teachers who looked forward to be part of the institution.
“We want to bring on board at least two more teachers for a short period before we increase that number, and as many students as possible. We would rather have more students than the capacity so that I can call for help than restricting the number.” said Ndumia.
One of the buildings Funded by the CDF
The qualification for students who want to join the institution is a minimum of 160 marks in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). Most courses to be offered like carpentry, welding, tailoring and masonry among others are technical courses with 85-90% (depending on the course) of school work and examination being practical work termed ‘workshop’ and the rest being theory.
Among those hoping to get admitted is Dennis Njuguna, a form four leaver who finished school two years ago. Dennis said that he has been looking for a job in vain.
 “I have tried securing employment but I have not been successful. However I have seen more openings for technical jobs which I have not qualified for,” said Dennis.
 “I think it is important having some technical knowledge and having some qualifications added in my resume,” added Dennis.
The fee for those who join the institution is set to be Ksh 7,650 for first term while second and third term they will be paying Ksh 6,100. This according to the manager is an introductory offer for their starting students which would otherwise be revised in the next two to three years.
Ndumia is encouraging Sipili residents to enroll at the institution as it was built for them.
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