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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Farmers benefit from Laikipia agri-business trade fair

By Bob Aston
The agri-business trade fair held at Nyahururu stadium last week provided a unique opportunity for more than 100 farmers from Sipili Division in Laikipia County a forum to interact with agricultural sector stakeholders. The farmers were exposed to new technologies and ideas as well as being encouraged to invest in farming as a business.
John Macharia, a maize farmer said that he attended the agro-business trade fair with the sole purpose of learning more about maize farming.
Farmers being trained by Tree is Life
“I concentrated a lot on fertilizer application, weeding, harvesting, foliar spraying and post harvest grain handling techniques,” said John.
John said that he now wants to start preparing his farm ahead of the planting season. He intends to practice what he learned during the trade fair. He purchased H624 maize seeds, foliar and NPK fertilizer during the trade fair. John said that he decided to buy H624 maize seed variety as it does well in Sipili as well as they are tolerant to grey leaf spot, leaf blight and rust.
“I have bought 23.23.0 as I was advised not to use DAP as soil in Sipili has become acidic as nutrients have been depleted. Continuing use of DAP would lead to decline in production,” said John.
John said that information that he learnt about farm preparation is invaluable as he has gained a lot of important information that he now wants to apply practically.
Joseph Maina who has a lot of passion on bee farming said that he gathered a lot of information about bee keeping. Joseph said that he learnt about how to make wax as well as health benefits of propolis.
“I never knew that propolis has a lot of medicinal values. I have learnt that it can be used as an antioxidant, in cancer treatment and cancer prevention, as an oral hygiene product due to its antimicrobial properties, treatment of ulcers and for allergies treatment,” said Maina.
Maina said that he learned a lot about livestock feeder and about rabbit farming. He said that he never had interest in rabbit farming before but after the trade fair he now intends to start keeping rabbit.
Farmers inquiring about UAP services
“I now know how to take good care of my livestock. I plan to start rabbit farming due to its nutritional benefits,” said Maina.
Samuel Nyaga who is passionate about organic farming said that he learnt a lot about organic farming. Samuel said that he got to learn about Aloe Vera tree and its benefits.
“Last year I bought aloe vera tree seedlings but I did not plant them as I thought that they normally take a long time to mature. I have learnt today that they take only three months to mature. I am going to plant them immediately the long rain starts,” said Samuel.
Samuel who is also interested in carbon credit money said that he was trained on how to use castor oil cooker. He said that he will now be able to train other farmers in Sipili who are soon set to receive castor oil cooker.
Samuel has also decided to start coriander farming. He said that he leaned a lot about coriander and he now wants to starts farming it as he was told that there is ready market.
“I have decided to venture into dhania farming. I will get all the required farm inputs so that I can start immediately. I have been assured that market is not a problem,” said Samuel.
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