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Friday, 7 March 2014

New Dawn Secondary celebrates good KCSE performance

By Bob Aston
New Dawn Secondary School students took to the street of Sipili with songs and dance today morning, in what the students and teachers said was a celebration of good performance by the School in the recently released Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).
New Dawn Secondary school, the only private school in Sipili Division with 21 candidates was ranked the best overall in Sipili Division with a mean of 9.571. The school was also ranked at number 51 nationally. The school posted a positive index of 0.6714.
New Dawn students celebrating good KCSE results
For individual subjects the school posted the following results; Kiswahili had a mean of 10.048, Maths-9.095, English-8.143, Biology -9.190, Physics - 7.556, Chemistry - 10.476, History - 8.833, CRE - 10.190, Agriculture - 9.333 and Business Studies had a mean of 10.167.
Grace Kimani who was the best student in Laikipia County with A was among those who joined the students in celebrating the results. Grace thanked the teachers for what she said was their dedication to bring out the best in them.
The exam was not that hard. I worked hard and put God first during my studies. I can advise other students to work hard. They should not lose hope in between as the end is the most important thing,” said Grace.
Caroline Wangui who was also one of the candidates who sat for KCSE exams and got a B+ said that her hard work and dedication to her studies paid off as she managed to get a good grade.
"I just revised well. I ensured that I woke up early. I believed in myself that I would do well. I can advise those who are going to do exam not to give up when things become tough but instead they should work hard as their hard work will be rewarded,” said Caroline.
New Dawn Secondary School students celebrating
Teachers in the school praised the former candidates citing discipline as a major factor in the good performance.
“The students really worked hard. They were disciplined and they helped each other during their studies to ensure that all of them understood what they were taught. We are proud of them,” said Janet Karume, a teacher at the school.
Edith Wamuyu a teacher at the school said that they enjoyed teaching the students as they were fast learners. Edith said that they expect even better results this year.
“We expect that the candidates that we have this year will even do better. Come next year at such a time we will be celebrating better results,” said Edith.
Beth Ngige, a form four student said that they will not only emulate those who sat for KCSE last year but they will strive to do better than them.
“We expect to improve this year. We will be able to work harder to improve on what our colleagues achieved. We hope we will be the best school in KCSE exams come next year,” said Beth.
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