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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kinamba groups start receiving carbon credit money

By James Maina
The international small group tree planting program (TIST) on April 10, 2014 disbursed carbon credit payment vouchers to small groups operating in Mithiga. The ceremony which was held at Kinamba cattle dip in Laikipia County was graced by Governor Irungu’s wife Grace Wakahora and TIST representatives.
During the ceremony TIST Auditor Mr. Kibe, TIST Verifier Mr. Ngige, TIST Trainer Joseph Muthee together with Mrs. Irungu presented the vouchers to the farmers.
Carbon credit policy works on paying farmers for the seedlings they have planted. The farmers are expected to have formed a group and dully registered with TIST International.
According to Muthee, payment is made after verification and quantification of the member’s trees.
“This programme is international in nature as it covers Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We expect to extend it to other nations in the region. It follows truthfully its principles, values and objectives,” said Muthee.
Muthee encouraged farmers to join TIST international and also to continue conserving the environment through planting and maintaining trees as they anticipate better prices for carbon sales in future.
Disbursement of carbon credit money is normally done on a quarterly basis and is disbursed through Safaricom M-Pesa money transfer. Later members receive their dues as tabulated in the voucher breakdown.
TIST started its operations in Laikipia in 2008. It empowers small groups of subsistence farmers to reverse the devastating effects of deforestation, drought, and famine.
Small groups that received payment vouchers were; Karungubii-Ksh 4,410, Murefe-Ksh 4,584, Kinamba-Ksh 4,136, Muiri Ndindika-Ksh 3,208 amongst others which altogether formed Kinamba Cluster. The total amount received was Ksh 33,789.
”During the last disbursement I received Ksh 3238 from TIST carbon credit. I would like to urge farmers to plant more trees as they will also be able to benefit,” said Gakure Gachie.
Another beneficiary, Peter Mburu said that he received Ksh 4,954. Mburu urged people to plant trees as they help in mitigating climate change effects.
All members thanked LRV for covering their cornerstone activity. On its part LRV pledged to continually cover such activities. It has been its mission to amplify communities’ voices through the internet and other media available to the wider community.
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