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Thursday, 17 April 2014

UK soldiers hold a medical camp at Lariak Day

By Murigi Ndung’u
 A group of UK soldiers and groundsmen have been holding a medical camp at Lariak secondary school for the past one week. The seventeen doctors and medical practitioners from UK and Kenya have been attending to residents of the area who are suffering from various ailments.
This is in conjunction with the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) that has provided personnel and transport means. This includes KDF drivers and guides.
Captain Mike at Lariak Day Secondary
 The venue of the camp at a different angle is purely military. Everything is military including the vehicles, the camping paraphernalia and even the clothing of the campers.
According to Captain Mike, the sole reason they visited was nothing less than a high ovation offered by the ministry of health to the marginalized areas of Kenya, giving the residents of Lariak region a beneficiary badge.
Though they had intended to benefit a thousand plus people, this encountered a hurdle mainly because the residents were not well aware of their holding a medical camp. The group managed to attend to 250 patients
“The people’s tendency of having a phobia where the police are involved coupled by the fact that not many knew of our presence is our main drawback to our effective medical expectations.” Said Captain Mike.
The visitors particularly targeted the less medically efficient that ranges from poor medical facilities to less medical human resources. This they are doing in rounds from one area to another and their coming back is attached to the success they will encounter.
The advice to the locals is persistence in their quest for good health care and be ready to advocate for diseases prevention, which is better than cure.
The group is now headed to Ol Moran where they are set to spend a whole week there.
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