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Monday, 30 June 2014

Climate Action team showcasing event held in Nanyuki

By Faith Kisiangani
A climate Action showcasing event themed “Green Money- Clean and real” was held in Nanyuki town at Central park on June 27, 2014. The event was organized by Green Business Projects developed by the Climate Action Teams and it was aimed in aiding information dissemination and promotion of peer to peer learning among the youths across the County.
Some of the participants during the event
The event was attended by various stakeholders, guests and exhibitors. Among those present included; Laikipia County government, Directorate of youths and sports Kenya, Youth Enterprise and Development Fund, Kenya Horticulture Development Authority Experts, Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN), various youth groups across the County, environment conservation groups in the County, women groups, schools and colleges, media, farmers training groups and institutions.
The objective of the event was to promote learning and innovations among the different youth groups across the County, to help the youths identify key partners for their capacity building, to give the youths a platform to interact with key government agencies, Non Governmental Organizations and private sectors so as to widen the social capital for their project development and to infuse entrepreneurial skills among the youths.
There were various innovations that were designed to save energy, limit and adapt to climate change and keep the environment green and clean. Innovations displayed included; rocket stove, African beads and accessories, handmade carpets, leather sandals, African art drawings, baskets and poles made from waste plastics bags, polyethylene and soda ash.
Corporative Bank of Kenya was also present to encourage the guest and participants to save financially. Individuals CATs/ Youth groups were given an opportunity to learn from the other youth groups, meet financial institutions, policy makers and implementers and the line government ministries that act as a resource to realize the bigger dreams to their projects.
Some of the participants receiving awards
Speaking during the event, Mr. Jeff Kahuho from Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) encouraged people to take care of the environment by not cutting down trees or practicing poaching.
“If you were living during our times, you would have noted that we usually receive rain during this period of time but nowadays there is no rainfall because we have not been environmentally conscious and therefore contributed to what we are experiencing now in terms of climatic changes conditions,” said Mr. Kahuho.
The young children who had finished their primary or secondary education were given a chance to enroll for courses offered by various participants like Red Cross Kenya, German Cooperation and Movers Youth Group as per their talents.
Later during the day, students entertained the guests by songs, dancing competitions and poems about the importance of environment conservation. Laikipia Wildlife Group performed a play on the importance of taking care of wild life animals.
The event ended with an award ceremony as the Climate Action Teams honoured organizations that had participated and supported the Climate Action Teams Showcase Event. ALIN was among the organizations recognized for its contribution in improving access to good quality information and knowledge on climate change adaptation practices.
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