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Monday, 16 June 2014

Laikipia County Assembly hold meeting with Sipili business community

By Bob Aston
The Laikipia County Assembly held a meeting with Sipili business community on June 14, 2014 at Sipili Catholic Hall. The meeting which was attended by Laikipia County speaker and members of Trade committee is set to be among a series of meetings that will be held in the county to deliberate on issues that the public needs to be included in the county budget.
Lariak Primary School students entertaining participants
Ol-Moran Member of County Assembly, Hon Dan Ndegwa informed the Sipili business community that the meeting was called mainly to do an evaluation and to know areas that have to be prioritized while making the county budget.
Responding to issues raised by the business community Hon Ndegwa informed the participants that renovation of the Sipili slaughterhouse has started and the county government will ensure that it becomes a modern slaughterhouse. He also said that an auction yard will be constructed soon as tender has already been given while fencing of the livestock market is currently underway.

Hon Ndegwa promised to meet plot owners in Sipili to discuss the issue of title deeds which the business community had said that it had become a problem as most of the plot owners do not have title deeds hence could not obtain bank loan.
“Most of you have raised the issue of licenses. The Laikipia County Finance bill will address this issue as it has streamlined issuance of various licences. The bill has also explained how the various charges are done and why,” said Hon Ndegwa.
Hon Ndegwa promised the business community that they will soon table two different motions in the county assembly touching on sewerage system and cemetery.
Hon Ndegwa addressing Sipili Business community representatives
“We will continue upgrading the roads in the county. You have said that the road network in some parts of Wangwaci is still not in a good condition. We have identified the roads that you want to be upgraded and we will do that soon,” said Hon Ndegwa.
Hon Ndegwa informed the business community that a floodlight will be installed in the market. He said that it has already passed the procurement process and by end of July the market will be well lit.
Responding to the issue of public toilet and dumping site. Hon Ndegwa said the county government will soon complete the construction of the public toilet in the market. He also said they are looking at a short term solution to the problem of a proper dumping site as the current site has become a health hazard.
“Most of you have raised problem of water as a challenge to farmers particularly tomato farmers. The county government is set to construct a lot of boreholes and dams in the ward,” said Hon Ndegwa.
Hon Ndegwa said that they will soon table a motion in the county assembly to address the issue of destruction of crops by wild animals particularly elephants in Wangwaci area.
Speaker of the county assembly Hon Patrick Mariru said the county has made and passed 10 laws this year which have been crafted and tailor made to fit the needs of the people of Laikipia. Hon Mariru said that all the bills were passed through public participation.
Hon Mariru addressing Sipili Business Community representatives
“The bills that we have passed will provide an enabling environment for business people. We are doing everything in a systematic manner in order to accomplish our work,” said Hon Mariru.
The speaker informed the business community that the county government is taking the issue of public participation very seriously and they always involve the public in all the bills that are enacted.
“Today we have come here to listen to the business community. We have now heard what you want and the report that will be made will incorporate what you have said,” said Hon Mariru.
The speaker promised that the county government will prioritize the various development agenda that the public have proposed.
“The governor and the county Assembly cannot do everything because of lack of resources but we are trying our best to ensure that we uplift the economy of Laikipia,” said Hon Mariru.
Hon Kinyua, Chairman Trade committee promised the Sipili Business Community that that they will return back soon to tour Sipili dispensary which has a shortage of staff, equipments and laboratory room. The dispensary requires a total of Ksh 24,000,000 to carry out various projects.
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