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Friday, 31 October 2014

Newly formed CBO seeks to conserve the environment

By Bob Aston
The destruction of the forest cover in the country and climate change has led to some community members from Dimcom area in Laikipia West coming together to form Pambana Mazingira Bora Community Based Organization (CBO). The CBO which was formed in September this year has already started sensitizing the public about the importance of preserving forests in the country.
The CBO is keen on building the capacity of the community in afforestation, creating awareness in good management, proper utilization of water resources and practicing profitable agribusiness in the community.
“We are planning to train members, environmental clubs in schools and other individuals groups on seed harvesting, nurseries management and grafting fruit trees,” said Mr. Patrick Muya, Project Coordinator, Pambana Mazingira Bora CBO.
He said that their objectives include; promoting cheap water harvesting techniques, protecting and conserving water catchment areas, improving community livelihood through agriculture, promoting energy conservation measures, promoting eco-tourism within the communities and rehabilitating water intakes and reservoirs.
He said that the CBO is committed to increasing forest cover from the current 1.7 percent to the United Nations recommended 10 percent of all the available land. In order to achieve this they are planning to plant indigenous trees around homes, farms, dams, schools, churches and other community lands.
“We are planning to sensitize member groups on other inter-projects like bee keeping, fish farming, floriculture, eco-tourism, waste management and introducing other cash crops like stevia and ctoron megalocarpus,” said Mr. Muya.
He noted that the increased forest cover will enable group members to benefit from carbon credit. He said that they intend to push legislation in the county assembly on the 10 percent forest cover on all individual and community land in line with the requirement in the Kenyan constitution and the government’s vision 2030.
He expects that the trees will provide shade, reduce soil erosion, enrich the soil, encourage the growth of local native shrubs and grasses that are becoming extinct due to increased agricultural activities, produce edible fruits, traditional medicines and fodder for livestock.
“We are encouraging the community on use of green energy like solar, takamoto, biogas, biofuel and energy saving stoves,” said Mr. Muya.
He expects that the demand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the government’s vision 2030 will provide the CBO with an opportunity to find solutions to climate change and also enable them improve food production, create employment opportunities and create conserve the biodiversity in Dimcom area.
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