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Friday, 10 October 2014

Sipili WRUA developing sub management catchment plan

By Bob Aston
Sipili Water Resources Users Association (WRUA) in collaboration with Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) and other stakeholders has started developing sub catchment management plan (SCMP). Through support from Tree Is Life Trust (TILT) the management committee of Sipili WRUA and WRMA held a meeting at Ng’arua Maarifa Centre on October 9, 2014 to introduce SCMP.
Speaking during the meeting, Joseph Maina, Chairman Sipili WRUA informed the management committee members that SCMP plan will outline priority activities that they will carry out as Sipili WRUA to improve the status of the catchment and water resources within Sipili Division.
He noted that SCMP is an approach that enables the involvement of stakeholders in planning and sustainable management of their water, land and related resources for improved livelihoods.
Sipili WRUA is planning to complete developing the SCMP before the end of this month. They are planning to organize weekly capacity building trainings for members in order for them to be able to develop an effective SCMP.
“WRUA provides an avenue for community participation in water resource management. That is why we are mobilizing and coordinating the participation of water users around the catchment area,” said Mr. Maina.
Mr. Maina noted that they have now started the process of identifying and analyzing issues related to water and the environment and the identification of the immediate and strategic interventions. They are also identifying activities and sub activities required to address the issues. He said that they will also agree on the time frame for implementation of activities.
He said that their objectives as Sipili WRUA include; promoting the protection and conservation of Sipili Dams boreholes, springs and shallow catchment area, promoting and exercising the sustainable use of water for approved purposes, carrying out surveillance of water use and quality within the catchment area, promoting water conservation practices to ensure sufficient water reserves and resolving water conflicts within the catchment area.
“We are trying to initiate projects that will ensure efficient use of our water and we are also lobbying and advocating for the protection of Sipili Catchment area,” said Mr. Maina
The SCMP reflects a set of activities designed to meet identified objectives to address water resource management problems within the Sipili sub catchment. It also provides a framework through which various stakeholders can collaborate towards improving the water resources in a particular catchment.
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