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Monday, 17 November 2014

Njorua groups receive carbon credit money from TIST

By James Mwangi
The international small group tree planting program (TIST) on November 12, 2014 disbursed carbon credit payment vouchers to Njorua cluster members at Kiwanja Primary School, Laikipia West. The ceremony which was graced by TIST quantifier, TIST Trainer as well as Njorua cluster leaders saw more than eighty thousand shillings (Ksh 80,000) disbursed to various groups.
Speaking during the function, Mr. David Thuku, TIST quantifier, reminded the Njorua cluster members that they should always note their group name and TIST number. He said that groups must always be represented by at least three members and each group must have a permanent Safaricom number upon which payments are to be made.
TIST Njorua cluster members during the meeting
“All TIST members should attend all the meetings held every month for training. It is also necessary that each group attains a minimum of 5000 trees planted at a spacing of 2m by 2m,” said Mr. Joseph Muthee, TIST trainer.
Carbon credit policy works on paying farmers for the seedlings they have planted. The farmers are expected to have formed a group and dully registered with TIST International.
Disbursement of carbon credit money is normally done on a quarterly basis and is disbursed through Safaricom M-Pesa money transfer. Later members receive their dues as tabulated in the voucher breakdown.
After verification and quantification of the group member’s trees they were then issued with sharing forms that were to guide them on how the payments were to be shared among the group members.
“If you encourage more people to join TIST, then you will have enough number of groups to form a cluster thus TIST services such as tree counting will be closer to you,” said Mr. Thuku.
Mr. Wilson Kinyanjui, Chairman TIST Njorua cluster, reminded the members of the need to have Githiga ward membership card. He said that they intend to help patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis and hypertension get medication at subsidized charges.
“Many people are at home suffering because they cannot afford to buy medicine. But if we come together as a group we will be able to get help from well wishers and also the government,” said Mr. Kinyanjui.
Cluster members were also reminded of their Merry-go-round initiative. Members are to contribute by paying fifty shillings (Ksh 50) upon which they then vote and each winner is issued with Ksh 400.
“The main aim of the merry-go-round is to bring TIST members together. This is because there are many issues which affect our daily lives and they would be easy to handle if we assist each other. Our aim is not the Ksh 400,” said Mr. Willian Mwangi.
TIST started its operations in Laikipia in 2008. It empowers small groups of subsistence farmers to reverse the devastating effects of deforestation, drought, and famine.

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